Ticats Move Up in TSN Rankings!

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=249646&lid=sublink05&lpos=headlines_main]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=249646&lid= ... lines_main[/url]

I find this hard to believe because we still have 2 less wins than the Argos but we are playing much better than them!


Kind of like arguing who's got the uglyest girlfriend/boyfriend

With another close loss last week

I think of it more as in we stayed the same but the Argosnots moved below us with their blowout loss.


I thought the Argos should have been down there a while ago, but TSN tends to have a bias for Toronto.

They must have finally woke up.


It's a power ranking, which means which team is better at this very moment. Not who has the better record.

Hamilton played well but lost last week, while Toronto got their heads kicked in.

If they did a power poll at the end of the regular season and some 8-10 team was on a 5 game winning streak and killing teams on route to the playoffs they could conceivably be ranked #1 in the power polls because they are the hot team, even if there is a 13-5 team who's already locked up 1st in their division. Think about BC's run to the Cup in 2000. They made the playoffs at 8-10 and wound up winning the Cup because they were the hot team at the right time. Calgary did the same thing in 2001.

Ranked higher than the Arblos, and we still get first pick in the draft!!!


Does this mean we are in the playoffs?