Ticats most likley to stay and go next year

Most Likely to stay

WR Bruce
SB Stala , Baumann ( if they can sign him )

OT Jiminez
G Rottier , Dyakowski

DE Baggs, Hickman
DT Kirk , Mcintyre
LB, Knowlton , Johnson ( free agent though )
DB's Barker , Hinds , Dennis , Hebert

Most Likely to go

PK D'angelos
RB Cobb
OC Mike Gibson
DT Bolden
DB Shivers
DB Tisdale
DB Smith
OG Hudson

On the bubble :

Head Coach - Marcel
QB Glenn ( Cannot win the big game )
K Wilbur
LB Floyd
OT Gauthier
WR Mann, Mcdaniel

agree with most of your picks
i think glenn will stay but porter and trafalis should be on the bubble

If Cobb goes, he will be snapped up in a heartbeat by a team that will know how to use him in their system.

I also wouldn't be so hasty in throwing DeAngelis under the bus. He had a frustrating year but so has every other kicker in history once in a while. A prime example was Ozzy who Ticats fans were ready to toss overboard at certain points in his career but he always came pack and amazed us.

From post game comments it seems more than likely FLoyd is on the way out.
I dont think Glenn is on the bubble after an MOP like career year.

Cobb put together 1000+ yard season after a horrible start, I wouldnt ditch him.

Deangelis is a tough one... he deserves to be dropped but he's one of those acquisitions that the GM/team isnt going to want to bail on so quick and admit they were wrong to throw so much money at him.

All I want for next year is a new OC, and a new look secondary.

If Sandro makes a few more kicks and the secondary makes a few more stops we have a few more wins this year.

Its frustrating knowing how good this team COULD have been.

And i dont know how people say Glenn cant win the big game.... the guy won an Eastern final with the Bombers

Glenn lost the last two play of games against weak teams where he had chances to win the game late if he was a clutch performer . Glenn did not get a touchdown last week . Yes he has no running game and can't run but he still didn't get it done ...his iterception was brutal too and he did the same thing last year .

They used to say the same thing about Peyton Manning, Steve Young and John Elway. You only can't win the big one until you win the big one. This all disappears once Glenn wins a Grey Cup. And he will win a Grey Cup and he'll do it in Black & Gold.

The retirement talk? He clarified that and said he'll be back in 2011.

The only departures I'd bet the mortgage on would be DeAngelis and Coach Gibson. The dollars saved on #4 will be helpful in trying to keep two or three of the FA's. It's going to be another interesting off-season, but I'm not at all confident we'll go into training camp feeling that the talent has been upgraded more or better than we felt it had been going into the 2010 camp.

Your list is fairly accurate, however let's expand it a bit.


DeAngelis - The opposing teams had better success than Sandro at IWS. I say bye, bye, They need another Canadian dual purpose kicker. Wilbur is a project that they will not afford to wait to improve. Too inconsistant.

Cobb - The only reason they kept him this year becuase he was not challenged at training camp. Besides Tiger Town has way too many of those stupid Cobb hats. Harris or kid from the Jets should be able to outplay him with out any problems. Demetrius Summers did, however Thigpen became available and Summers was the odd man out.

Gibson - Should have been gone after last year. My gut tells me he does not support the run and is pass happy. Beratto and Gibson remind me of dumb and dumber - They both should tied under the bus.

Bolden - Have showed some spirted play, however they need some serious inside pressure and he is not doing that on a consistent basis.

Shivers - There was a reason why the Pink Team let him walk. He too showed some moments where he was accutally understandinh his role on the field. Other than that, under the bus as well.

Tisdale - Should have been the one who should have showed some improvement. I beleive Marshalls bend but don't break defence is a load becuase most of the DB can not play man on man. The soft zone defence kills us each and every game.

Smith - Bo certainly showed some improvement after being part of the no fun league - too bad he was injured. I beleive he could play an importnt part of the defence next year.

Hudson - George is one of the Ottawa Renegades players - enough said - time too hang them up and call it a career.

Brown - I realize he was not menioned however, this time does not have time to work on a project. The kid is absoluteluy horrid. Nice scouting report. The only thing that is saving him is his birth certificate.


Mc Daniels - He shows flashes of greatness and then he drops an easy pass. Certainly there is some American player who can replace this guy. How many guys play footabll in the US? Concentration is important and something he needs to improve upon - somewhere else.

Gauthier - Hard call - however, they need a stronger and nastier Offensive line - Gauthier is close to where Hudson is at in his career.

Floyd - Otis has played extremely hard for the Cats and unfortunately it becomes a matter of talent and money. I beleive they find several candidates that are suitable replacements in the off season.

Bauman - I like how he stepped up in the last three games - where did that come from. Simply an audition for the Bombers ot Kevin Glenn realized number 87 was also part of the team.

Wilbur - Nice kicking when he has the wind - can not kick worth a diddly in to the wind. Ne needs to master this in the off season - I say they throw him under the bus and pickup a Canadian who can do both - fied goals - punting.

Last but not least Marcel B - I beleive he will be on a very short leash - they can not afford to be 0 - 4 next year. It's time for Marcel and the braintrust to make the necessary changes to make this thing work. I beleive they need to start with discipline and move towards nasty a$# smashmouth football. This current addition of Tiger Cats Football is somewhat pradictable and lacks some intestinal fortitude.

No, Hes an average running back who is the worst starting back in the league, he lacks speed, escapability and the sense to know when to get down with a positive gain. He would not be picked up, and if he did he wouldnt break camp.

I'm not saying I agree or disagree with your statement, but you are stating this as if it is fact, when in fact you don't know what other GMs think of Cobb.

Same as the statement i quoted... no? thats the point of a message board. I think its implied that all statements on any board are opinion unless supported by a link to a fact.

Fact: Argos suck. (No need for a link)

Yes, both were opinions stated in a way that might come off as trying to be factual.

And to make sure that the reader does understand that one is stating an opinion rather than trying to pass off their opinion as fact, the use of 'IMO' goes a long way.

Gibson, Cobb, Kate.

Everyone else should contribute to a Grey Cup victory.

Oskie Wee Wee.

I hope they stay.

Gibson: gone
Buratto: promote to OC

the only for sure person on all these list that HAVE to go is Mike Gibson, hes awful, nuff said

and xtybe is absolutley correct, glenn cant win the big game, than why did he lead the bombers to the grey cup? porter is on the bubble and personally i like traflais more than porter anyways, trafalis always looks good when we put him in, id give marcel one more year, i think he will get over the hump next year, and i belive bo smith and tisdale will both be back but i cant see shivers stickin around when we have much more talented players sittin on the bench, sandro deangalis is just annoying i find, him saying he had a good season, is just a pompus arrogant move, he didnt kick one game winning fieldgoal and he cost us atleast 3 games not to mention his beautiful 17 yarded in the playoffs, i say we let wilbur do all the kicking duties plus wilbur can hit:P

thats all i can think bout right now, but thats my thoughts on how to improve our team, i belive if we dont absolutly blow up this team, we have a golden chance to make a run next year


Gibson should be gone
Deangelis should be on the bubble because of his salary and his effectiveness but my guess is that there is no replacement and that Obie will take a gamble that this season was an ab-oration and not the end of Sandro
Shivers is gone
Floyd is likely gone but I think there will be an attempt to keep him
Trefallis AND Porter are on the bubble. We have no idea what either brings to the table so this is a coaches call. One or the other is likely done.
Glenn has one more season to prove he can play equally well in tough games. He hasn't yet since his arrival
Cobb stays
Bauman leaves by his choice, we get nothing

Floyd has an option for next season (the team's, I believe), so if the team wants to keep him (and from the sounds of things they do), he won't be going anywhere.

glad to hear it but what if he decides he doesn't want to play? I think thats the issue. He's getting up there in football terms

He said he's coming back. He said he contemplated retirement following the loss, but then he changed his mind. If you have the time, watch this video: http://www.ticats.ca/video/index/id/15713

If you'd rather not watch the whole video, here's a story on it by Drew Edwards: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ckers.html

Scroll down and you'll see the quote by Floyd where he says he still wants to play.