Ticats merchandise outside of hamilton?

Lol Weedman I know exactly where you were as my Parents still have a cottage on the Island. The Island as a whole has not been known to exactly be with the times and I found it a bit out of touch with reality. Though that is one of the things I have always liked the most about it. They do their own thing at their own pace and the Rat Race mentality has no place.

I love spending a week or 2 there every summer and fall.

I live in Waterloo and the only t-shirts I've seen are Argos. I actually bought one to clean the bird poop off my windshield! I'll be damned if I'll pay 30-40 $ for a cap,even tho I live and die with the 'cats every time they play,since 1960. Yeah,I know,I'm older than dirt. :slight_smile:

So the results are in, and...

No Ticat hat anywhere to be found in Kingston. In fact, I couldn't find any CFL merchandise in general which was really disappointing. I placed my order online, so hopefully I can get my long-awaited hat before the season is over (some would say it already is).

Anyone know how long it takes them to process online orders?

If I can't find one in Cambridge/Kitchener right next door to Hamilton....

The Cats have such a huge and fiercely loyal local following that they don't have to work hard to attract anyone else. That's the only reason I can think of for their lack of marketing efforts. I'm looking for a size FOUR Ticats women's winter jacket, in the Cambridge/Brantford area, and I figure I'll get it when that nasty place gets really cold. I'd even be willing to order it on-line!

I have ordered other things on-line and the service was very good and quick. That could be a great way to buy a hat if you don't mind paying all the extra shipping charge. Phone in your order and they'll tell you the shipping costs before you decide for sure. Good luck!

I was in the Canadian superstore the other dy in Whitby and they actually had Ticat stuff in there. Well they had a long sleeve gold cotton shirt and a sort sleeve jersey material gold shirt(nice and shiny). However they only had them in kids and teen sizes. I'm not very big but even the xl was a little tight. I was going to buy it anyway but the wife put the no stamp on it. I am still in shock.

oh yah they did have Argo stuff to for those that care!!

Whether it's baseball or football, right now I would have to bet on the girls team!

Some interesting suggestions that I hope the TiCats and league consider.

The on-line store is a great resource, but there is still something to be said for trying stuff on and seeing it in person before purchasing.

It is disappointing to see people wearing U.S. athletic apparel. Living next door to the greatest marketing society makes it difficult for all Canadian businesses. The only thing we can do is wear our TiCat stuff as much as possible and hopefully push the CFL over the "tipping point".

I agree, Ockham. If I did a frequency count, the most common hats available were New York Yankee & Boston Red Sox hats. Since when was baseball more popular than either CFL or NHL in Canada?

I'm a bit of a critic when it comes to the current TiCat apparel available. I'd like to see more golf style hats available rather than all the domes now on the shelves. A Tiger Cat bucket hat is still on my wish list. Also, I'm disappointed in the sweatshirts this year. A little more variety please...simple, classic stuff would be my preference.

If you logo it, we will buy it!

You know it's quite a coincidence that this got posted. I was just walking by that store not too long ago and was surprised to see Ticat merchandise on display there. I certainly had to wonder how well it was selling. So perhaps we could give Section_23 the address for this location as an hour-long drive down the 401 might be what's needed.

And anyway, like many other individuals here, I have to wonder why there is so little CFL mechandise that can be found in non-CFL cities. With CFL television ratings better than those of other leagues that sell more merchandise in Canada, why is there not as much of it available in stores? But I wonder if it's much different in non-CFL cities in western Canada.

So I came online to announce that I finally got my Ticats hat, and wanted to thank the online store for their speedy service (and everyone online for their helpful comments), only to find out about the Paopao firing and other things.

Now I have two good things to remember on this day.

The hat is very Bob-esque, and I can't wait to wear it while watching the Labour Day Classic this weekend. Let Maas make the calls, and let's see some magic happen.

The CFL League office is not a "MArketing" Company. If they were there would be more interest in the league.....plain and simple.
The term "achilles heel" comes to mind!!!