Ticats merchandise outside of hamilton?

Before I make my way to the mall here in Kingston, I was hoping to see what my chances are of finding ticats merchandise outside the city of Hamilton. All I want is a black baseball cap with the Ticats logo on it.

I'll probably go this weekend--results to follow.

I'm in Kingston, and the only Tiger-Cats merchandice I've seen has been on my body and licence plate. You're out of luck dude.

pm me and I might be able to help you out (I usually head back to Hamilton every weekend). There's also the online store that you can order from.

Thanks for the info sigpig--I'll let you know if I need help.

Not sure about K-town (I lived there 2.5 years in the 90s...I'm lucky to live in Montreal and can access some pretty good Ticats gear here though.

Oski Wee Wee,

The merchandising of the CFL is truly pathetic. You see Canadian kids wearing all manner of U.S. teamwear be it NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB but I can’t recall the last time I saw anyone wearing CFL stuff apart from at the games. You’d think it’d be a priority for the league to get its brand out there. They should sell stuff on a cost recovery basis at Canadian Tire, Zellers, Walmart, Costco, etc. where the average guy goes just to give the team logos more visibility in CFL communities.

Just what do the marketing people do?

An Argo fan

I live literally 45 minutes away in Cambridge. The tri-cities of Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo has a combined population of close to 400,000. You would think that with that large a population (close to the size of Hamilton) that close, that perhaps you could find a Ti-Cats hat? Not a chance. The only semi-pro sports team we have here is the Junior A Kitchener Rangers, and they sell out almost every game. How about some marketing over here? How about being able to buy a freaking t-shirt for less than the $30-35 at a game? Bah...

Redbeard Sports in Belleville carry a fairly good selection of CFL stuff...Redbeard himself used to have a sports store 3 blocks from IWS so he leans a bit to the Hamilton way with his merchandise :thup:

Thanks tigerman--if I can't find anything in Kingston I might have to make my way to Belleville.

I have been on this for years.

I have gone to buffalo and bought a pair of Nylon Bills pants for 10 bucks. tshirts you can get for 10. (in Walmart) The new comissioner should really look at this.

Redleader hit it on the head they should carry CFL merchandise in stores like Zellers. Argos have there Dominion promotion for a game day ticket and a T-shirt for 25 bucks.

Is Zellers not Canadian? Canadian Tire! If they want to promote the CFL in other cities then get those 10 dollar t shirts,hats, shorts pants etc out there in mass quantity.

Who are these marketing people anyway. Get the ads on tv saying that Zellers is the home for you CFL needs.

Ticat soothers, socks, come on people use your imagination. There is so much money to be had here.

Yep, I think it's sad that it's easier to find a US College team hat than a CFL hat anywhere in Canada.

I live in Sarnia and even stores like Sportshek which last year advertised cfl jerseys did not have any because I was told they would not sell in this market. But neither do they feature them because who are in charge of these retailers have concluded that the merchanise will not sell. I think that they attitude is horrible and defeats whatever the league tries to do to promote the league.

I was in Hanover Ontario in the Walmart store and they had Argo shirts and hats (yes Argos). I ask if they had Hamilton Tigercats stuff and the lady looked at me like I was from Mars.She asked what a Tigercat. I told her never mind, thanks. :roll:

Yes Zellers and Walmart should sell CFL stuff country wide.

He will find one at 50%off :lol:

How about Sheguindah on the Manitoulin Island I had my TC jacket on up town (population 700) and people thought it was a girls baseball team. :?

Now then I'd be lucky! :lol:

Well, they certainly played like one...

For a "Great Selection"...

Check out a guy named "ping" who spends a lot of time over at 13thman. I'm not trying to sound like a "promoter" here....but really he has a very good selection of all teams apparrel! Most things are 40% off to "die hard fans"!He has 3rd jerseys, polos, caps, hoodies and tees!

I know he will be at Scott Park for the tailgate on the 12th of Aug.

You can PM him and he will send you stuff if needed. A lot of Ticat fans know him and his prices can't be beat! No Kidding! :thup: :thup:

The Little Current station broadcast last Friday's game too? :wink:

I have worn my coat in the States and people ask me about LSU.

sports obsession should have their on-line store up and running this month


Lol Weedman I know exactly where you were as my Parents still have a cottage on the Island. The Island as a whole has not been known to exactly be with the times and I found it a bit out of touch with reality. Though that is one of the things I have always liked the most about it. They do their own thing at their own pace and the Rat Race mentality has no place.

I love spending a week or 2 there every summer and fall.