Ticats Media Guide Curse..

Every we add people to media guide and what happens
They have a Bad Year or are Traded

Zeke Traded
Jesse Hurt
Printers Hurt

This year Put Bob Young on Cover. or Prez Scott Mitchel

lol, you're lucky to have Young even ;though he's been on a steep learning curve

and EXACTLY what would that accomplish??

If this IS the case...

I say we put Zeke on it again... and Arland Bruce and Anthony Calvillo.

Just staying don't players on Media guide cover again ..
I don't care put Stripes on it !!!

I agree. Love to see that stupid mascot end up in the Peg.

Why not honour the greats we lost in the last year or so - Gaudaur, Sazio, Ronnie, etc.?

Any Chance we can get them to put a team picture of the Blue team on this years?