Ticats' Media Director Rom Halverson Moving On

According to Ken Peters' blog tonight, Ticat Director of Communications Rom Halverson is moving on to a new position with Much Music and MTV Canada. During some of the games at Ivor Wynne Stadium over the past few years, his game day videoboard productions were quite often better than what was transpiring on the field. Good luck to Rom Halverson in his new job.

[url=http://catchat.thespec.com/2008/11/classy-rom-halverson-bids-ticats-adieu.html#comments]http://catchat.thespec.com/2008/11/clas ... l#comments[/url]

Good luck in your new job, Rom, I will miss you.

You sure were a big help right from training camp on,
not only to the media but to super- curious fans like me

who bugged you for the name, position and background
of every new player who showed up at the practice field

and who wanted to know why some player wasn't at practice.

Good luck to Rom.

Sorry to see him go. As Ron mentioned, he was always a big help at training camp.

Rom your leaving Bud .. You are great guy thanks for friendship ..
Please take care and come back once in while and say hello
Without your Help BGR would not been the Access it did to players
Thanks Enjoy the new Job