Ticats make a trade

and where is Edmonton in the standings

It is pretty safe to assume that this trade implies the following:

  • as @ExPat suggested, Alex Fontana's injury may be a season ending injury & the 'Cats want Coulter Woodmansey to move back to his OG position; and
  • obviously the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club has not given up on this season. It is clear to everyone that participates in this Forum that they have dug a deep hole for themselves, and they are probably going to need help from others. We will see if this Tiger can "change its stripes" !!

Final comment . . . looking forward to next year, when Alex Fontana returns to the active roster & IF Chris VanZeyl decides to come back for "one more kick at the can", the 'Cats are going to have a wealth of Canadian O-Linemen in Camp next year !!


The Oline has been good the last 5 games. It's football injuries happen. The BC Lion's have the best pass blocking Oline in the league and Rourke and O'Connor got injuried on two rare plays.


He's been protected the last couple of games.


What I find interesting is how and why the Cats decided to part with Jesse Gibbon. He was the 2nd overall pick in the 2019 draft so expectations were high. They must not have been happy with the trajectory of his development after 3 years.

Hervey was the GM that selected Beard for the Esks in 2015 so he might have had an influence in this trade.

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As i alluded to earlier, we already had 3 / 14 of the highest paid OL men. Now, we have 4/14.

Is it really the OL, or is it Dane?

#2 (Beard), #5 (CVZ), #7 (Brandon R) highest paid O-Lineman in the league.
3 of top 7.

I am guessing CVZ will certainly be out for Mondays game and the team can use his cap relief to add Beard.

Very exciting transaction.


Interesting. Here's the article I presume to be your source: The CFL's twenty highest-paid offensive linemen for the 2022 season - 3DownNation

For both Beard and Kelly, EDM did us the kindness of paying a significant portion of their 2022 compensation up front, meaning the cap hit to HAM is reduced.


Hard money: $190,000
Maximum value: $197,500

The former second-round draft pick collected a $50,000 roster bonus on February 1 and is signed with his hometown team through 2023.


Hard money: $137,000
Maximum value: $137,000

The 32-year-old earned a $40,000 signing bonus to restructure his deal with the Elks.


Beard signed through next year is great news.


Makes sense when Woodmansey likely has more experience at guard , thought he did ok at center last game but no doubt better to have someone with more experience at center.


Interesting that 3 down has him signed thru 2023 but CFl.ca and Dave Campbell with 630 CHED have him signed thru 2022
Esks ink David Beard to three-year extension - CFL.ca

Eskimos sign offensive lineman David Beard to a multi-year contract - Edmonton | Globalnews.ca

Maybe the 3rd down folks did bad math. Thinking 3 year deal signed in 2020 would end in 2023

A 3 year contract signed in January 2020 would expire at this seasons end.

Not sure but unless he signed again after the Global news article I would go with Dave Campbell. He is local and very knowledgeable on the Elks

My first reaction to the trade is this is a salary dump by the Esks . They get a cheaper back up OLineman and a # 2 draft pick in 2023 . Second thought is we got the better player in the trade . It will be a steal if Beard stays in the Hammer rather than being a rental .


I just like Gibbon He did very well at Center start of year
I just feel our O-line coach is awful ... and Bob needs fire everyone and start over .

It the coaches the O-line coach Sucks

The team also announced, along with the extension of Kwaku Boateng, that they have extended eight players through the 2021 season, and that a further four have been extended beyond 2021.

  • National offensive lineman David Beard (through 2023)

This seems to have been "the plan" all along. The front office clearly wrote off this year after last years Grey Cup and apparently now realizes it has to fix the issues with the O-Line...

I wonder if this means they blow everything up after the 2023 season regardless of a Grey Cup won or loss???

Derek Taylor

By my count, David Beard has allowed 4 QB pressures this season in 10 starts. The best per-game rate among Cs.


This guy is the Nathan Rourke of Centers! :crossed_fingers: