Ticats make a HORRIBLE trade with Saskatchewan!

Let’s see…

D.J. Flick and Wayne Smith for Rocky Butler.


Saskatchewan gets two excellent players in exchange for a third string quarterback. Ack! What’s happening to Jason Maas now?

i like the deal :stuck_out_tongue: what are u complaining about? :smiley: jk but i do like the trade :wink:

Welcome to the CFL .... Marcel

U got skewl-ed!

Was Lancaster holding him hostage when he made that trade?

Actually, I think its not a bad trade on Hamilton's part, Rocky Butler has a lot of potential. He spent the better part of 5 yrs holding a clipboard, and you cant improve or progress as a QB without seeing game action. The two games he did play last year were both against Hamilton, so he must have impressed someone in the Ti-Cat front office.

The only thing that might make sense is that Hamilton is dumping salaries to sign better / different players.

The loss of these two players for career third stringer Rocky Butler? Either Dejardins knows something that nobody else does or he's cementing the Tiger-Cats place in the basement of the east for a long time to come.

I'll wait till I see Butler play in Hamilton before I pass judgement on this trade. If Maas goes down with an injury, he could be the starter for a good portion of the season.

Hamilton did Butler a favor. They got him out of loserville and now he just might get the chance he has been waiting for the past 5 years. It is now or never for him.
Defination of Loserville> a player that does not get a chance to be first string.

redwine2005......sober up buddy, your trash talk comes from being jeleous.The red and white prima donnas shall be nothing more than a manure stain on the cleats of our Green Praire Gods at seasons end...Long Live The Green

Whether or not the trade is good for the Tabbies will of course depend on whether or not Rocky can take the next step at the QB position.
He has shown flashes of brilliance which makes him a huge upgrade over the so-called back-ups the Tabbies had last year.
And he definately showed growth as a QB last year in his limited number of starts.
I hope he gets a chance to play and given that Maas is a bum, maybe he'll be your starter by years end....(though I actually think Richie Williams has some potential)
I am not that familiar with Smith, but neither Flick or Smith are locks to start for the Riders this year, so I guess we will wait and see how this unfolds.
Personally, I would rather we resign Richardson than go to camp with Yo Murphy, Yeast and Flick, but then again we are starting to see the predictable pattern. Those 3 guys are all "Till"men, while Richardson was a Shivers guy....as was Rocky.

Give Rocky a chance!!

loserville?....the team that beat the stamps in the playoffs?

if any town is losertown, its gotta be hamilton.
4-14, 5-13, 1-17, 7-11....yea, thats loserville alright!

Maas is a bum!

ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!...imagine if he turns into a starter and a star in hamilton..ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY

Dun, Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Duuuuun. Rocky has the eye of the Tiger(cats).

The trade of Smith is okay. Very, very deep at NI-OL with more on the way. . . . but getting awfully thin at that wr spot . . .

i'd like the ticats to introduce thier team ( on game day ) to 'the eye of the tiger', or 'fly high now' rocky themes, if butler becomes the starter.

that fact that you are all forgeting is there are so many more good qurterbacks available for free through free agency, and butler isnt good this is a brillant trade for tillman . I would have done it for smith alone

Butler isn't good? Hmmm, agains't us last year, the Cats, in back-to-back contests, he threw for 361 yards and 5 td's and rushed for 71 more. We can use someone like that here in Steeltown, especially now that Eakin is going to NFL Europe and Richie Williams is still yet unproven.

While on the surface this may appear to be a one sided trade, I believe the salary cap (salary dump) had a lot to do with it. There may be similar trades by other teams coming up. Stay tuned.

Jellyous of what your team being third every year. The Green Prairie Dogs will again do nothing. Went fishing for trout got a su_cker.

Tillman better hope this does not come back to haunt him. I think the T Cats got the better end of the deal. Flick disappears game in and game out! The other is just a throw in for a bag of balls.

redredwhine2005........ you're attempt at witt is both weak and pathetic and if you are useing a crystal ball to predict the Green Prairie "GODS" reign of terror in 2007 please leave that job to the Amazing Kreskin, at least he is laughable

:? still a ticat fan