Ticats make a bunch of roster moves

  1. Released four players: national receiver Akeem Haynes, international DBs Keon Lyn and Caleb Duncan as well as international receiver Al Riles.

  2. Five players retired: American defensive backs Dante Blackmon and Justin Rogers, international defensive end Ryan Mueller, American offensive tackle Wil Freeman, Canadian linebacker Geoff Hughes.

3. Signed four American receivers: Andrew Turzilli, Chris Hubert, Bryce Wilkerson and Jarvis Baxter.

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Sorry to see Keon Lyn and Geoff Hughes go. :frowning:

Too bad A. Hayes didn't have a chance to compete at training camp.

That puts the roster now at 71 including, I believe, just 1 non-counter (Jack McEwen).
So, I expect we'll see another 5 counters signed over the next 10 days.

Pretty sure Scarfone is a non-counter as well. Players from the previous year's draft who have not played a professional game are non-counters. (SEC 14.02 Paragraph 4. Part c,ii)

I'm pretty sure that, among draft picks from the previous year, only those whonever attended a pro training campwould be non-counters.

Bryce Wilkerson -- appears to be a slightly bigger, about 8-year younger and, maybe, a touch faster -- Speedy Banks. You don't have to watch all 8 minutes to see the resemblance in their play:

Have to agree with you on that . Eerily similar to Speedy B . Almost a younger version in fact . Who knows ? We might just have found our new kick and punt return man . Fingers crossed .

this is still my guy for the return game...Willie Quinn

Lots of competition this year for some key roster spot openings for sure . It's going to make for a very interesting T.Camp and preseason for this team . It's going to be also very interesting to see who makes the final 46 man on opening day . I'm thinking that Jones is going to have to have a pretty sharp knife on hand on final cut down day and more than a few good players will ultimately be released because we can't keep them all unfortunately .

The ones they really like, and numerically can't keep, will get sudden "injuries" out of nowhere. :slight_smile:

Right you are. My bad. Apologies & Kudos OC!

I read somewhere that he just had far too many drops at mini-camp. I guess they figured he wasn't worth developing.

Speed is meaningless if you can't acquire the ball.

Didn’t the “Als” sign a World Class Sprinter once (John Carlos?)? I think he got cut for just the same reason—all the speed in the world can’t help you if you “ain’t got the hands”.

Does the name Giguere ring any bells regarding speed and hands?

I wouldn't say Giguere has bad hands. Satisfactory hands is a better way to say it. Not bad or great hands, just good enough.

He was in the NFL for 3 years, where as a guy like Hayes wouldn't even get an NFL camp invite.

So to sum up... Sam G has "good enough" hands, and guys like Hayes have no hands.

Fair enough, always thought Giguere would have made a great "half back" of the old mold, a guy like Ron Stewart to skirt around the end or run an option play, taking a lateral or pitch out. Still a threat when Montreal used him on the "end around", but less of a threat when using his speed on down field patterns.

Regardless, we all seem to agree that, of the two main attributes in a receiver, the ability to catch the ball is more critical than the ability to run fast.

Yep, and some of the best receivers in CFL history could never be called burners.

ie. Flutie, Fantuz, DiPietro, Elgaard, Evraire, Cahoon etc.