Ticats Magic #

Base on today results the magic number for a home playoff game (East #2) is 1

Toronto 3 games left, 2 full wins behind the cats

Montreal 4 games left 3 full wins behind the cats

So a win by the cats and a loss by toronto/montreal and they are in

Well...that's kinda good I guess. Regardless though, we gotta hammer Ottawa and get the bye. Get our confidence back and get back to being the big dog.

Toss a coin at this point on what Ticat team will show up. Feelin' lucky? :thup: :thdn:

I think you’re using a different definition of “magic number” from typical usage.

Toronto is currently at 5 wins, and the best possible record they can hope for now is 8-10. We have currently have 6 wins and hold the tiebreaker, so our “magic number” relative to Toronto is 2. I.e. 2 more Hamilton wins; or 2 more Toronto Losses, or 1 more Hamilton win combined with 1 more Toronto loss.

Montreal is currently at 4 wins, and the best possible record they can hope for now is 8-10. As above, we hold the tiebreaker and our “magic number” relative to Montreal is 2.

Respectfully, here I my logic

Hamilton 12 points 4 games remaining
Toronto 10 point 3 games remaining
Montreal 8 points 4 games remaining

Hamilton owns the tie-breaker over both teams meaning in the event of a tie Hamilton is in.

So if Hamilton wins and montreal loses this week

Hamilton will have 14 points 3 games remaining and montreal will have 8 points with a max of 6 points remaining. Based on that Hamilton is in

Also based on the above situation (Hamilton winning) if Toronto loses they will have 2 games remaining with a maximum of 4 point left. Hence a win by Hamilton and a loss by Montreal and Toronto ends it

Just my 2 cents.... however I might be wrong

I agree with your description of the scenarios 100%, but the scenarios do not translate to a magic number of "1". The "one Hamilton win" scenarios each also require one Toronto loss and one Montreal loss, so the magic number for each of those scenarios is still "2", not "1". If the magic number were "1", a single win by Hamilton with no additional conditions would be sufficient.