Ticats made the same mistakes like last year!

What can I say dejavu. Fumbles, interceptions, just didn’t play well at all. Secondary got burned big time, letting receivers ran pass them and made big catches. Bo wasn’t good as well and threw ints. Keep on missing Tim White for long pass and Duke William was non existence. Get your act together or you will be like Ottawa last year!!

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I dont get this statement, especially. If you watched the second half.
Also there is three other threads dedicated to this game.


Why another Ticat thread? why not put your comment in the witches?

Ticats suck!! Will be at the bottom with Ottawa in the East and will be out of GC again this year!!! Spent too much money on Mitchell and neglect secondary and offensive line!!! Same old boring PUSSY CATS!!!


Same old Scott Mitchell, same old Bob Young. Can’t wait for them to be too old to walk or be involved in football. Even then they’ll probably blink their decisions to an inept coaching staff. One blink for over spend on a QB, two blinks for don’t worry about a kicker or DBs