Ticats lost because of poor time keeping @end of 2nd quarter

When the Argos kicked a field goal with 1 second on the clock, there should have been 0 seconds. The time keeper was either too slow or an Argo fan(probably both). If the timing was correct, Ticats would have won 9-8. I'm not saying they played well, but they should have won. The Argos record of 7-5 is very misleading. Let's face it they're no better than the ticats, they have just had more breaks ie. favourable time keeping, non- challengable calls reversed etc.

Ya and I was so sick of the commentators lauphing at this and many other calls that went Argos way.
CBC is so pro Argos it ain't funny

well the CBC headquarters is located in Toronto...go figure lol

Gimme a break, we suck. We find a way to shoot our foot of no matter what. Don't blame it on a time clock that occured in the second quarter. Get your heads out of the sand. I would say the Corey Holmes fumble was way more fundamental to the loss.

We lost because our defence held the Argos to 11 points and our offence couldn't score more than 3 field goals in spite of the opportunity....simple as that....

(all other excuses are null and void because the game is over)

nite all..see ya tomorrow!


we lost because we failed to get a touchdown again!!!and we turned the ball over too much again.

you can blame the CBC,the refs,the timekeeper and even the guy who blew the whistle in the crowd,fact is if you dont put points on the board you dont win.

Im sure we got away with a few things today too,but excuses do us no good.

fact is we are a bad team who will be lucky to win another game this year…

I happened to be looking at the big smile on the timekeeper's face when the clock was stopped at 1 second. Did the TV people do a replay by any chance on the clock rundown and the play went out of bounds?

actually, in this case it would be too fast.


These are no excuses. Fact is we could'nt put the ball in the endzone again and it was very frustrating. Was even worse with the comentators lauphing at the mistakes going the Argos way and the calls going their way. It was pathetic

toddking wrote they lost because they failed to get a touchdown. Ockham replied Bingo. The fact is they lost because of the botched timekeeping. True they would have won by more had they scored a touchdown, had fewer turnovers etc, but they only lost by 2 points and the Argos were given 3 by the timekeeper. Why don't the ticats seem to get these breaks. Am I just biased, or is it true that they don't get the breaks. :cry:


Flutie summed it up ...home town time keeping.

Thats a fact of life in all leagues and is a given in the CFL especially,you have to perform better and score more points in spite of that.

Our Defence was superb and handed the offence the game on a platter which was tipped over ,the Argos gobbled up the contents ,burped and sailed on .