Ticats Lose WR Coach to Princeton

Drew In newest Scraching post had this to Say:
Dennis Goldman has been hired by Princeton University as their receivers coach


So we may Two Coaching spots to Fill Soon

See Moore, Travis.

The good news is that we've got a pretty solid corps of receivers as it is and with the likes of Dave Stala etc, the guys learn off each other as well as coaches. With even a half decent new coach to replace Goldman, I don't see any reason we won't continue to progress. Locker room experience and mentorship is a huge factor in success on the field in my opinion.

Thanks for the link "Onknight"......I hadn't seen that yet.

The team could certainly do much worse. . .

Fill out an application for the job coach Onknight!!!

The Ticats coach are Level Coaches

I am just a Lev 1 WR Coach lol … One day maybe …

You wouldn't mean THE Travis Moore who is presently on the Ticat staff
as an Offensive Assistant/and oddly a running backs coach would you, Zone?

He be a Good one .. But then we need a Running backs coach ..

I know Onknight, I know....just showing you support :slight_smile:

Congrats to him and I wish him all the best. I never begrudge these guys the opportunity for a job closer to home that is making more $$.

Ironic that it's the Princeton TIGERS, given they at one time used the TigerCats' "old" leaping tiger.

See logos at...


Primary logo from 1963 to 1984 and now secondary logo 1984 to the present.

I can recall seeing that leaping tiger in the header on some of their sports web pages a few years back.

That would seem like a logical move. I found it odd that he was a RB coach. He would likely make a good mentor for the young receivers we have.

Maybe Mike Jones called the Cats. This from an article on Braley and the Argos in the Jan. 29 Spec:

The Argos are expected to release their coaching staff when their contracts expire Sunday. Receivers coach Mike Jones and offensive quality control coach Robert Hunt have reportedly already found other jobs.

Why do we have a running backs coach?

to coach the running backs


Moore, Travis has been added to BC's coaching staff as a receiver's coach.