Ticats lose one and add another for rookie camp

From Drew Edwards' blog:

"Rookies report today and I'm expecting a bevy of signings to be announced, including some high profile ones. I've also learned that Canadian linebacker Jadon Wagner won't be in camp this year after deciding to return to BYU for his senior season. Wagner, who the Ticats drafted in the sixth round this year, had initially told the team he would be coming to camp but apparently changed his mind. The team will retain his rights.

And according to this report from Searcy, Arkansas a receiver named Jordan Watson is coming to Ticats training camp.": http://www.wmctv.com/global/story.asp?s=14774203

So to sum up.. minus 1 Canadian LB plus 1 American WR

That really kind of sucks. Might have been nice to know Wagner was going back before we drafted him. With Mariuz retiring I thought that Wagner of all people might have a shot at getting some playing time at least on ST.

"Including some high profile ones". Chris Rwabskbawakamnb?????

Why is news reported in Searcy, Arkansas being considered new(s) here today?
The Cats announced Watson's signing two days ago:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/offence-grows-as-camp-approaches]http://www.ticats.ca/article/offence-gr ... approaches[/url]

Some high profile signings coming apparently?Welcome to the Ticats Lenny Walls? :slight_smile:

Just got word from the Regina post, Ticats have signed rookie N/I WR Brendan Owens of the Regina Rams

Why would you concentrate on the latter and less important info? Sorry if giving you info on one of the two players listed for the second time threw your day off.

The Tiger-Cat NI rec. "depth" crisis.
Feb-June 2011.

Speaking of crisis. SSK has put Rob Bagg on 9 game injured list