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Presumably for a player who can have more of an immediate impact than whoever we would take at #1. Thoughts?

not a bad idea

With Bekasiak being the top choice and the amount of young Cdns on the DLine I can see why they would want to trade it. They do have the 4th pick anyways.

Maybe we could trade the first rounder for Wayne Smith. :roll:

Weedman is right! We traded Braidwood for a quarterback who can't throw. Keep the pick and take Bekasiak or Arthur.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

quarterback who can't throw.

Yikes, not something you want for a qb, someone who can't throw! :lol:

If we trade a top pick for yet another player who was not good enough to start for his old team but is expected to start for us -- I'll probably scream. Of course with this being the internet, no one will hear (other than my co-workers).

Until Maas plays this year with a successful coach and stronger system I dont think you can give up on him after one year. Due remember every staff member was released for a reason last season.

so were half his teamates surrounding maas, but of course there not going to release the player they gave up so much for and are paying so much. they'r trying to get there money's worth and seeing if he can bounce back, i uno man maas has lost his old form i think anways.

we need to build our canadian depth and by continuing dealing our number 1 picks we are going against what i thought was a rebuilding process.
saying that id love to see us get a young canadian receiver or d lineman if we do deal.

Lost his old form? That's just stupid. The guy had one bad year. ONE! Give him a break.

It's a good thing Danny had a great year in 98 or we'd never have seen him again.

Trading the first pick would be a good call provided they get a young, talented, starter in return... and not a QB. Someone the likes of Dominguez or a young Olineman to replace Smith.

Just so long as they keep the #4 pick. Drafting Bekesiak sounds like a good idea, but I think the Dline is looking pretty good right now, untested, but good. Adding another guy to the mix seems to me like a waste. I think Crawford is the better choice for the team. I also like WR Jabari Arthur, altho maybe not at 1st overall.

How are Ticket sales going this year?

How are Ticket sales going this year?
How does this fit? Do you have a point?

Keep the first pick, trade the fourth if a deal is good enough to move down. At this stage, trading top overall picks when you're 4-14 and looking up at the ceiling isn't a blueprint for success.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree Oski , i`ll bet teams like BC and Montreal are willing to give up players who wouldnt start for them and they in turn get players for the future who will step into starting positions when their current players are done .

Get the best player available and select him . Dont let the top teams get a player who will come back to haunt you in the future.

Now if their willing to give up Jason Clairmont well then you have to listen .But they wont so keep your pick and build for the future.