"Ticats looking like a contender"


This looks great Hamilton! I acually feel really good about this coming season now. Cudos to Obie for the wheel and deal. (I wonder how the Winnipeg faithful think of it? Goodspeed flipped to Hamilton).

Read the main board. Some aren’t too unhappy at all.

On paper, yes, we look good.

The games aren’t played in April.

We have to let the games be played out before we give “cudos” to Obie.

All of us have been burned in the past, remember 2006, Maas, Vaughn, Holmes, etc?

I am not a downer or a pessimist. I am just being realistic. It’s Obie job to make us better but we cannot tell now if we are a contender or not. We are 0-0 and tied for first and last place in the division and league.

Please, let’s all hold off on this “man-love” for right now because if something goes wrong, whether it be this year or next, the people who love Obie now, will be the first ones off his bandwagon and setting it on fire.

GMs assemble talent.

Coaches coach.

Players play.

So far, Obie's done his job, and done it very well. He's assembled talent, superior talent to what the team had last year, thus putting the coaches and players in a position to excel. Now it's up to them.

Absolutely correct, MadJack! :thup:

But the talent you speak of is still on paper. No matter how good you think a guy played last year it doesn't matter, it's how they play in the upcoming year.

Many players have come to the Cats over the last few years and forgot how to play football.

We have a GM with a good track record, a rookie coach and new offensive and defensive coordinators. This season could turn into a disaster and much as we think it could be a success.

The title is correct. We are "LOOKING" like a contender but we aren't a contender until we play.

Obie has done his job, gotten us an apparent upgrade in talent but it's how well they play for us that matters.

We still need some better pieces on the dline. We have brought in more American dlinemen and if history repeats itself, they won't be good just like the last 3 years when we tried the same thing.

To me this is a glaring hole and we got Guillory to fill one end but I still see 3 big holes on that line. This doesn't improve, teams are going to run and gun us for the whole season.

Where does all the caution and skepticism go when there's bad news?

When bad news comes some people cant wait to announce "here we go again, what a dissapointment Obie is, the org. isnt doing enough to find talent etc. blah ,blah " doom and gloom to spare...
instead of just waiting and see how it all plays out before damning it.
But then turn around and tell everybody to calm down , not to jump to conclusions and stop parade planning when the news is good ?

In 2007, the Cats were a horrible team.

In 2008, they weren't any better but they hung around in a lot of games that they "could" have won.

In 2009, instead of Keeping Miles, Printers or Lumsden who were overpriced and under performed, Obie went after players who could fill in the weak spots. Guillory, Gauthier, Goodspeed, and maybe Glenn.

In 2009 the cats are going into camp with a almost rookie QB will experience good moments and bad I'm sure, but he will get better as the year goes on because he seems poised and has all the tools.

All the teams in the east with the exception of Winnipeg have gotten better....but I don't think that anyone is ready to take the Als but I think a home playoff game at IWS is a strong possibility.

Too many weaknesses on D to be a contender, but who knows????It's April.

Well that was pretty much what I was trying to say. Obie's done his job pretty well, assembling talent. If the players don't play up to par or the coaches don't coach up to par, the fault lies with them and not Obie. It is certainly true that what on paper looked like good talent hasn't panned out in the recent past (Printers, Maas), so let's hope that does not repeat in 2009. Was it the GMs fault for bringing in Printers and Maas? I don't think so, on paper there was considerable talent there; the fault lies either with the coaches for not designing schemes to take advantage of their talent, or the players in question for not performing up to par (or, more likely, a bit of both).

I remember a while back when Bob Young said before we can build a strong team we have to build a strong organization. Now I think we're starting to have both finally. :thup: :smiley:

I whole heartedly disagree. :slight_smile:

Baby steps folks, gotta make the playoffs first, then see where that leads.

The Bombers looked poised to make another run at the cup last year, and that didn't turn out so well, despite how the team looked on paper.

Can the TiCats compete for a playoff spot, absolutely. Are they a contender to win it all ? That's maybe asking a little too much too soon.

Great grabs! Gotta get a group of guys with the guts to gear up, give 'er the gas and grab some games from the get-go. Good going, GM.

ExPat......nice G-String :lol:

Good golly gee!!!

I don’t really see how we have three holes on the D-Line. Reid is a serviceable guy – he can get the job done. Adams was no slouch but we have to see how he plays this year. The line always looks promising then falls flat on its face. We need one more defensive end to stand up and take the starting role by storm for this line to be effective.

Adams was great, he had 8 sacks, Guillory was limited to 6 due to injuries, but he really is a good player, Reid is ok, Kirk isn't that good, great special teams player though, and all the others are unproven.


    What relevance does the 2006 season have to where we are now?  
     We have a new G-M. New Head Coach. New OC and DC. Plus a ton of highly regarded new players.
     Winnipeg and the Blue team are re-building. Montreal is ageing. We have lots to be cheerful about this coming season.....mainly because most of us sniff a competitive team in the offing. That's being realistic.
     Optimism is what makes people buy season tickets. It keeps us supporting this team. 
     None of us can know how we will do this season but we have a canny and experienced G-M who is stocking this team with some of the best talent we have had in years. 
    "Not a pessimist..etc"?   BS.   Try looking on the bright side. It  can be infectious and we could use some of that these days.  If we don't make the playoffs this season we will excuse you for your dour outlook. But until then we should all be optimistic and look at the positives.

Just wait for the season, that's all I am saying. We have been burned in the past. I don't have a dour outlook, you can look at my posts, I say that we will have an 8-10 win season but it could easily turn into 3-5.

I have been very pumped the last 3 seasons and was very disappointed with the outcome. We look like a contender but I still question the dline. Is there anything wrong with that? I get labelled a pessimist because I choose to wait to see how they play before I judge?

This is why people don't come on the forum anymore. You speak your mind and you get ripped to shreds. You need to look at the past to see the mistakes you have made.

Tiger dirt....

 I was sure as heck pessimistic over the past couple of years. I had no faith in Maas or Charlie and I felt that as long as they were both there this team was going nowhere. I got dumped on for that (we need more time to jell!!!!  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> )  but as more time passed others came around. For a brief week or two it looked good when Printers arrived but that just exposed the lousy coaching and lack of other talent even more.

So that's why I think a good dose of optimism is in order at this time...3 months ahead of the season. Obie has re-built this team and brought in new but experienced coaching. All this is enough to make me feel good about the upcoming season. And once the season starts I look forward to seeing if and how all these new pieces fit together. But somehow I don't think any problems that arise will mean the whole team needs to be gutted.
Now thats real progress given what we have seen in the last 4 years or so.Obie deserves to be given the keys to the City of Hamilton already for getting us this far! :lol: