TiCats look at a bunch of kickers at THF

Information on participation rates for various sports and age groups is available from Statistics Canada. As an example, after a brief web site search, data from 2010 shows that the participation rate for soccer in the 5 to 14 year old age group was 42.3% (down from 44.1% in 2005) and for football was 2.8% (down from 3.2% in 2005).
Participation rate is the percentage of the total number of participants practising at least one sport.
From this data, soccer was #1 on the list in terms of participation and football was #13.

Ahhh, finally we are back on the topic of TiCats looking for kickers!!!!!

So if there are so many kids playing soccer in Canada,

the ball is a different shape

I still say that we draft the kid from UBC although I’ve heard some rumblings of some NFL interest in him.

Tackles are different too

Soccer tackle


Football tackle

I agree that it seems kickers have gone down in talent in the CIS in recent years. Other positions are on the rise in talent though. Particularly with linebackers and D line. Proof? Just look at increased interest in those positions in the CIS from NFL scouts.

In fact, the NFL's interest in CIS players has never been larger than it is now.

Also, there are quite a few Canadian free agents out there that could make many CFL rosters, but there isn't enough room, even on the PR, for all of them.

An example is the guy the TiCats had last season for several games, and dressed for 3-4, his number was 86, and Austin really liked his talent, but there was no room for him when others became healthy. That guy is a free agent. He was a Hamilton kid also, but his name escapes me. Age...

#86- Robin Madeiros is the name that escapes you. He is indeed a Hamilton home town boy and played his college ball at Bishop's and locally attended and played ball at St. John de Brebeuf high school as well as St.Mary's where he graduated from . Madeiros also played a year of junior ball with the Burlington Braves and had previous workouts with both the Lions and REDBLACKS before playing for the Cats last season.