TiCats look at a bunch of kickers at THF

Oh that's the reason why? I thought the ratio was to encourage more Canadians to play football and give them a chance to play professional football, otherwise they wouldn't be able to make it competing one on one against American players.

The Jays, Raptors, TFC don't seem to have a problem attracting fans and not too many Canadians on their teams. I guess their fans expect to see the best players available out there.
I guess them 3 million fans that watched the Jays last year are just not nationalists.............................. :smiley: :smiley:

Getting back to the original topic, now that you have had your nationalist rant, it looks like they are looking at an American kicker. The CIS is just not producing enough quality kickers that can make the CFL.
Do you think we should start a Canadian kicker anyway? even if he's not too accurate? should he not compete one-on-one against an import?

I have said all along that the quota should be reduced, the CIS is just not producing enough quality football players.
Is that "hating" Canada if I say that?

You're so focussed on your anti-ratio obsession, that you can't even see past the tip of your nose. Enforcing the ratio alone takes care of all the pro-Canadian player ideals. Forces them on the roster, and 7 into starting roles. And the better they do in the CFL the better they will do in the CIS.

The CIS is the source of at least 70% of the Canadian talent available, and the ratio protects it also.

You really can't see the forrest for the trees can you? And you really want people to know it.

Should up to 40% of all TV and radio content in this country be mandated Canadian?
Live in the country and live by the rules. :rockin:

Now back to our regularly schedule thread. Who we getting to kick for our team?

I am talking about reducing the quota. We actually increased the number of Canadian players when Ottawa entered the league in 2014. All teams have had problems juggling their numbers because of the quota.

The world has changed, where do you think them CIS players are coming from? High schools are producing less and less football players, in our biggest city in Canada there are many high schools have dropped their football programs.
How many schools in the GTA are left with a football program? at least half have dropped football due to lack of interest from kids, the expense, insurance issue and parents putting a stop to kids playing.
In schools where there is a football program the kids are choosing soccer because in the primary years before high school there is no football. The top athletes are choosing soccer not football. They are getting a better chance of a soccer scholarship to the NCAA. It all translates to less football players out there.
That is trickling down to the CIS and we are seeing the results in the CFL, it's going to get worse not better.
Football is just not popular in schools the way it used to be, the CFL will eventually have to reduce the quota.
It has nothing to do with hating Canada, open your eyes!
This thread is talking about kickers, where have all the Canadian kickers gone???

Medlock is good. He'll be missed. I'm sure we'll find a decent kicker by the start of the season. Unlikely to be as good a place-kicker, maybe a better punter. I might suggest bringing Ozzie back as a coach for the new kicker if needed. I don't know how he and KA get along these days after he was let go last time.

As for the discussion about the ratio, in the unlikely event you are not acquainted with the issue, or in case you need a new fix of debate on it, see the thread below for details. 36 pages, hundreds of posts, of details... should be enough to satisfy the most ardent partisan:



With that comment, you reveal yourself to be totally ignorant of the points I have posted here on this topic for several years now. You don't even bother to take five minutes to read the posts from the thread listed by "stevehvh" and acquaint yourself with the facts.
I will restate a few of the points here again because I suspect you are probably an osmosis-type learner. Try to get these through your head...

I have never stated that I do not want to see Canadians in the CFL. In fact, the more Canadians, the better, as long as they legitimately earn the active roster positions by competing with all other players that the team can bring in for those positions. No degrading free passes on to the active roster simply to fill a quota based on passport.
The place to develop under-skilled, under-trained players is on a development/practice roster where they will receive the focussed coaching, training and time needed to properly develop and progress. Throwing under-skilled, under-trained players on the active roster before they are able to contribute effectively is not in the best interests of the players and certainly not the fans who are deprived of seeing more talented, exciting and entertaining players and a better on-field product.
I would be in favour of expanding the development/practice roster and reserving a certain number of spots for Canadians. When players have developed and progressed to the point where they can replace someone on the active roster, that is when the promotion takes place.
Some Canadians would earn active roster spots immediately because they are that good. Others requiring more development would progress and advance to the active roster over time.

And that is why CFL football will continue to struggle in markets like the GTA where it must compete directly with the majors for fans' attendance, interest and dollars. The league is perceived as a mom and pop operation in a big box world.

If fans want the league to be "Canadian", then get rid of international players entirely. Just make a rule that says all players must be Canadian and you will have your "pure" Canadian league. However, I hope you enjoy sitting amongst the few dozen players' family members and girlfriends who show up in the stands.
The CFL is Canadian because of the unique rules... three downs, larger field, the rouge, twelve players, etc... and not because of the players. Most casual fans do not know which players on the field are Canadians and which are internationals nor do they particularly care. Fans cheers just as loudly for internationals as they do for Canadians.

You sound like a Donald Trump wannabe. "If you don't look like me, talk like me and think like me, get out of here and I'll build a wall to keep you out".
You would be better off as a roady for Donald so you can keep your nose pressed up against his butt. I think our society is much too progressive for somebody of your kind.

By the way, "forest" has one "r"... unless you're "Forrest Gump".

Come to think of it, based on your posts, that name would fit you perfectly.

Way to go, seymore, you have successfully hijacked another thread. You must be VERY proud of yourself, being one of perhaps 3 people that continually bash the Ratio.

Moderators, it's time to cut this crap out - this argument has been going on for several years, and that member has hijacked numerous threads spouting his nonsense every chance he gets. It has gotten beyond tiring, and your continued ambivalence to it (and other issues) is going to drive me away from this site.

Now I see that he has personally attacked another member - see the post above this...

First of all, get your facts straight. The subject of the roster quota was first mentioned by another poster whose comments were then responded to by a second poster before I submitted my post. If you must whine about the introduction of the related topic, whine at somebody else.

Secondly, you do not set the rules for this forum nor do you enforce them. If somebody is permitted to start hurling personal insults at me on this forum (as happened earlier in this thread), he/she will get the same back in kind... and then some!

Yes it was - your partner in crime Slimjim2. Basically, the two of you hijacked this thread, with the help of one pro-ratio person.

True, the first personal attacks were directed at the two of you. I have considered adding that person to my foes list - joining one other person - as I have found that he/she has a tendency to throw insults around like confetti, and I rarely find his/her posts to contain much worth reading. Your personal attack was out of character, and having silently followed the off-topic discussion (there's a separate thread for that :wink: ), I can understand why you finally retaliated.

Yup, It was the Slim and Seymour Show alright !!! :cowboy:


Bobo82.......freakin' hilarious :rockin:

I'm tired of reading about ratio crap on threads NOT related to that topic. If they would just post there, then they could debate with people who want to debate the subject.

So I make a single typo and I'm some slow witted hick from the US?

I never claimed to be perfect... just loyal to grass roots football in Canada, and getting some of those young men into the CFL.

You want to constantly hijack threads with your anti-ratio propaganda, then you should expect to hear differing opinions, and even have people doubt your national pride.

Also, you go about it in a way like you have to convince everyone to think how you do, when they clearly don't. You treat others like they should be a carbon copy of you, at least where perspective on the ratio is involved. It's certainly obsessive behaiviour, and even a bit creepy how you go about it.

Maybe the handful of ratio haters that exist should get their own forum, because they will never find common ground with any real CFL fans. Think about it.

X :thup: 2

That is patently unfair to all the "slow-witted hicks" out there. :slight_smile:

No problem with that... but, as pointed out by "slimjim2" earlier in this thread, football at the grass roots level is steadily declining in this country. That is a serious problem for the CIS and the CFL but nobody seems willing or able to address that reality and discuss how the CFL and the CIS expect to adjust and deal with it going forward. It's much easier to ignore it and pretend everything's OK.

I've replied to dozens of differing opinions on this topic over the years. Again, take five minutes and read some posts from the thread link provided earlier.
Anyone who devotes two minutes of intelligent thought to my opinions on this subject will realize that "national pride" has nothing whatsoever to do with it. If you haven't already done so, go back and read my earlier post concerning Canadian players in the CFL. If you still don't get it, read it a second time and think about it for a few minutes. Maybe - just maybe - the light will come on!

Absurd comment. I offer my opinions on this topic and welcome the opinions of others when they are presented in a thoughtful and intelligent manner.
Besides, there will never be another "me". I'm unique and special. :smiley:

[quote= Besides, there will never be another "me". I'm unique and special. :smiley:
I wish there was an emoji for PUKE.


Lennywasout wrote: I wish there was an emoji for PUKE.

:D [b]Here ya go !!! :D [/b]........................




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