TiCats look at a bunch of kickers at THF

If we hire an import kicker and he is not performing well odds are there will be plenty of replacement options come cut down time in the NFL....OH Swayze

Yes, hopefully it will be like the first half of last season before Collaros went down when it seemed like we were blowing teams out on a regular basis and the only time we saw Medlock was for PAT's and the occasional FG every game. :smiley:

Medlock was an excellent place kicker and below average punter IMO. You can’t spend 175k plus whatever you have to pay a punter to handle your kicking duties. We will have to find somebody but there was no way we could tie up that much salary for him. He was almost automatic with place kicking…if he was a good punter he might have been worth the salary…might have…

Except that we DID pay him -a lot- to do both, and pay The Beard to punt (at least until he got hurt. Then, at least, his salary didn't count against the cap).

Just have an open competition in preseason LOL.
I remember when QB Dave Marler was our punter. Another season where Neil Lumsden was out place kicker. Also don't forget maybe our top punter ever Joe Zugar.

He was in Lions Camp a few years ago



Lions cut him after the Preseason.

He’d be 30 years old now not a great option for the Cats.

Plus he never Punted


Makes you wonder what has happened to the CIS producing kickers.
A few years ago it seemed that all kickers and punters were Canadian, now there are only few good ones available. It's a position that is unforgiving and you can't hide mistakes. You miss a few field goals or shank some punts and you are gone. If you are an "O" lineman you can miss a few block or hold on to that bigger stronger "D" lineman and you can get away with it. If you are a Canadian receiver and you drop a few balls miss blocks run the wrong pattern that's okay you can get away with it.
Filling the Canadian quota with quality players seems to get more difficult every year.

and going keep getting tougher with more more Canadians Signing as FA or Being Drafted into the NFL

Yes, the CFL forces its teams to use less talented nationals each year (and also forces fans to watch same) simply to meet an antiquated, counter-productive quota.

Makes LOTS AND LOTS of sense!!

Everyone gets it seymour, you hate the ratio. You have to be he most redundant human being that has ever lived.

The CFL has the ratio, and if it really bothers you that much then don't be a fan of it. You act as if some league you have nothing to do with the running of should somehow cater to your personal preferences.

The CFL is obviously not for you, so go away and leave it to those who it is for, like fans.

Interesting question ... So I decided to look it up a bit.

Since 2000 ... the last 16 seasons
5 times has the East Division All-Star Kicker been Canadian/National/Non Import ... so just shy of 1/3rd the time
The Western Division All-Star Kicker has been a Canadian/National/Non Import 16 times in 16 years.

So overall ... 21 out of 32 Divisional All-Star selections have been Canadian/National/Non Import or just shy of 2/3rds of the time.

I'm sure if we go further back you'll find the NI % go up and up and up the further you go back. But the trend of using Import place kickers has really been significant in the Eastern Division basically since Ozzie retired!

I think the fact that there’s 4 designated import spots on the roster now has a lot to do with it.

Great Point JFL! Totally forgot about that! In 2006 it went to 3 DI's. Anyone know when it was increased to 4?

Pretty sure it was just last year, when they increased the game rosters from 42 to 44 players.

Also remember that the kickers aren't starters, so it's not that big a deal to have an international kicker. All it does is take up one of the DI spots - even less of an impact now with four DIs.

Losing Medlock is a big one for the Cats, one likely the team may not recover from during those crucial moments like when Justin came through many times in the clutch.
Same thing for my Argos who had and lost Medlock to the NFL and now again with Swayze Waters.

Well golly, I don't believe that you've ever stated that before. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

What I hate is the fact that the CFL will never be as good as it could be as long as teams are forced to use under-skilled, under-talented players simply to fill an antiquated, arbitrary ratio.

Most CFL fans are old, if not in chronological terms, they at least tend to think "old" and they tend to forget.
They need to be reminded of the realities of the counter-productive, antiquated roster rule and how the rule deprives fans of experiencing a higher quality, more entertaining on-field product.

They need to be reminded often and that is my "job". :smiley:

If, as it should be, the CFL's goal is to provide the most entertaining and exciting on-field product for its fans, sponsors, advertisers and broadcasters, the roster rule is counter-productive to that goal. Coaches and general managers in this league must regret the day when they are forced to cut superior, more talented and exciting players and send them home because the team is forced to use those roster positions for nationals!
I want to see the CFL grow and reach its full potential. The roster rule defeats that purpose IMO.

No, my work here is not yet done...
As I have stated previously on this forum, for some people, the learning process is similar to osmosis. Persistence and perseverance is required on the part of the one providing the wisdom! :smiley:


One good thing is that the dead horse has no feelings.

The "beater" is entitled to his opinions just as we are. He is even entitled to try to sway our opinions to match his own.

What is the definition of insanity? Oh yes, repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Was Einstein right? You be the judge....

Seymour's issue is that he piles delusion on top of fantasy.

Serious question, Seymour. Do you burn Canadian flags in your spare time? I bet you and slim/mikem get together once a week down in Florida for beers and Canadian flag burning.

Fact: Canadian talent will literally NEVER get better if you take it out of the CFL. If you want to watch only Americans play in the CFL, then get some US team games from the 90's and watch those; or better yet, follow the NFL only. There are wall to wall Americans in that league.

The CFL you want doesn't exist, and never will. The CFL has a ratio, and you have no sense of nationalism.

Please just sell your soul to to US, and get the hell out of Canada like mikem did. Canada is better off without traitors like you guys.

I want the CFL to be what the first word of the acronym is - Canadian. Not just some football league that happens to play in Canada.

In fact... I can tell you exactly why the CFL has a ratio. To protect it from people who think like you.