Ticats Locker Room Sale - This Friday/Saturday/Sunday

The annual Tiger-Cats Locker Room Sale is back! The Locker Room Sale will run over three days this year from Friday, December 11 until Sunday, December 13. Come down for some great deals on official Tiger-Cats merchandise as well as game-worn equipment including helmets, jerseys and pants. There will also be specials on limited supplies of Ticats t-shirts for $10 and Ticats hoodies for $20.

Friday's sale will start at 5:00 p.m. and run until 9:00 p.m. and is exclusive to season seat holders.

The general public will be able to take advantage of this great sale starting on Saturday, December 12. Ticats players and cheerleaders will be on-hand signing autographs on Saturday only. The sale will run from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Fans can enter Ivor Wynne Stadium through Brian Timmis Field.

Don't miss the Tiger-Cats Locker Room Sale next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Tiger-Cats locker room at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Do I need to bring anything to prove I'm a season ticket holder?

Season Seat Holders can bring their Citizens of TigerTown Card that was attached to a 25% off of a retro jersey coupon.

If you do not have this card, Season Seat Holders can check in with a staff member at the door who will have the full list.

Are 2010 season ticket holders going to be able to gain early access, or just 2009 ones?

Are you saying that the 50% off coupon will be honoured at this sale?

No, the 25% coupon will only be used to gain access to the sale as it is something all Season Seat Holders received. The 25% coupon was for a replica retro jersey.


Wish we could post pictures....

My friend Brian in Edmonton went to the Eski Locker Room sale...... and came home with a locker... They're getting a new locker room at the Stadium, so they held either a raffle or auction for the lockers.

You can see the new arrival in the Edwards family on Facebook: Brian D. Edwards... GREEN everywhere :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:


Is it inside or outside

it was horrible

just for curiousity sake what was terrible about it

To paraphrase Comic Book guy "It was the worst locker room sale ever." It was not a "locker room sale". It was a sale in a locker room. 95% of the stuff was stuff they could not sell at any of their stores or the games so they are just trying to sell it here. I stood in line and froze for nothing. A complete waste of time. I have been to others in the past and they were worth going to. This was not worth it at all.

I was close to the front of the line for this year's locker room sale, and stood in the cold for 45 minutes for an extreme letdown.

This year's locker room sale appears to be the Roarrr Store - Ivor Wynne edition.

Considering I was there for the "special advance sale" for season ticket holders, I expected much more.

The only jerseys on the rack were 2008 / 2007 versions, with very few common names. The most popular was a Tony Miles, for $150.

The helmets were premium priced at $350.

There were no used balls this year, but plenty of shirts, sweatshirts, and hats that could be bought at a minor discount.

Hats are $25 each, or two for $40. Some of the game day sales at the stadium were better than that. Some of the jackets were $150.

Go on down if you must, but I thought is was the worst ever locker day sale that I've been to. Awful....

At least last year, there was coffee to help keep us warm.


I drove from Owen Sound to Kitchener on my way to the locker room sale. I was the first person in line becuase I arrived shortly after 3 p.m. I waited with one of the Box J guys. I was also somewhat disapointed with the selection. The main reason I braved the drive and the cold was to get a couple of locker name plates. I was told there were not available this year. For someone who has participated in many locker room sales, I was disapointed. However, I can not leave without purchasing some type of Tiger Cat merchandice, so I left with a Riddel Game helmet that was advertised as " Large " unfortunately once I arrived home - it is a medium instead of a large. Double disapointment...............

I thought it was very similar to other years, I actually noticed they had more of the gear the players and coaches wear. I got myself one of the hoodies that the players wear.

I also went hoping to get some of the name plates and was told the same thing but completely respected the reasoning I was given, apparently most of the players wanted to keep there own this year. I would if I were them too.

I'm just glad the Ticats do stuff like this, it's pretty cool just getting into the locker room.

Sell merch at almost full face value, and have limited offerings?

Glad you enjoyed it pal.


I did ok, bought Dylan Barker's game worn jersey "away" and his practice pants! :rockin: :rockin:

I was close to the front also, i think i did ok, got Dylan Barkers Game jersey "away" and his yellow pants that they wore on the labour day game!

Was looking at picks I took this year an i believe they are the pants he wore on labour day!

Nice .. :thup: