Ticats live video stream of tonight’s game


Ticats announce live video stream of tonight’s preseason game


[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that they will be providing a free live video stream of tonight’s preseason game versus the Ottawa Redblacks, including audio from new radio partner CKOC 1150. TSN’s CFL television personalities Rod Black and Chris Schultz will call the action from Tim Horton’s Field. The live stream will be available exclusively on the new, completely redesigned ticats.ca at http://www.ticats.ca/watchlive. Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. EST.

Viewers will have the unique opportunity to the witness the gameday experience at Tim Hortons Field, with the Ticats TV Live in-stadium panel, featuring Paul Osbaldiston and Mike Morreale. At halftime, they will be hosting a live interview with new Canadian Football League commissioner, Jeffery Orridge.

“We’ve been working hard on a solution to bring a live stream of the game to Ticats.ca for the fans at home,? commented Tiger-Cats Senior Director of Marketing Barry Alexander. “With the help of our partners at Stadium Digital, we’ve been able to make a live stream of the game a reality.?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Bell Media recently announced a partnership that will see CKOC 1150 rebranded in the fall to TSN Radio 1150 Hamilton, making it the seventh member of the TSN Radio portfolio that includes Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. TSN Radio 1150 will be the voice of the Tiger-Cats with extensive coverage 365 days a year[/b]

Congratulations Ticat nation. Your organization has become THE model franchise probably in all sports on how to interact with fans.

Alright, place your bets on stream quality here!

Do we go with a just plain overwhelmed stream death/technical difficulties from the get go, do we go with they get it running before the end of the half, do we go with stream kicks out during the quarter of your choice, or do we pick flawless stream? This is the first time (I think) of such a stream, big money to be made on flawless...place your bets here! Good old pixelation is always a goer, as is choppy sound. Come on! Place ya bets here!

I'm gonna go with, unexpectedly overwhelmed as all of Canada logs into ticats.ca but it gets resolved by the 2nd quarter. This is in no way made an insult to the fine staff at ticats.ca and the work they do. It's only posted for fun's sake. I'm sure that they are going to do everything possible to ensure a flawless stream.

Sounds like SOP for MLB TV Premium.
I think it is great that the Team is doing this for their Fans!

Will watch from Accra, Ghana tonight.. thanks ticats.ca

I have my laptop hooked up to my big screen, and while it's obviously not HD, it's still decent. And the jerkiness of the image might have more to do with my wireless speed. (I don't have a LAN cable quite long enough to reach from my router to my laptop beside the TV.)

And much, much better than no video at all. Thanks, Ticats organization.

I'm getting 3.56 Mbit/s bandwidth over WiFi on my laptop (I have an 18.3" 1080p screen) and I am getting crystal clear streaming, minor pixelation, no lag; the only thing wrong is Rod Black! I'm going to try it out on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10" tablet in the 2nd half to see how it works on mobile...

From the Space Coast of Florida, 14 guys watching two TVs, one with the Jays and the other one tied to a laptop watching the TiCats--can't beat it for a Monday night!
The stream for the TiCat game is perfect both video and audio.
Oh Yeah, we are rooting for the TiCats!
Enjoy Your Game, enjoy Your Team!

Well, I'm not having any luck with the Android tablet. Still getting beautiful on the laptop though...

Love the streaming, great picture!! Was worried about Rod "Red" Black but it isn't too bad!
Coach Sal is Awesome!
Mia is A+++ :oops: , Morreale and Ozzie :thup:
Overall a great showing!

Neat. Staying up late tonight though, aren't we. Four hour difference, isn't it?

A big thank-you to all the Ticats staff that made this possible.

The quality of this broadcast far exceeded my expectations.

Very well done! :thup:

do it for next weeks game too please

It would be up to Winnipeg to do something for the game on the 19th. See if they can stream their in stadium/video board production the way the Ti-Cats did tonight.

Great game. They seem really prepared, wouldve like to see Zack Attack get some reps though.

Hello Adrian Tracy. Such speed of the edge :rockin:

Oops wrong thread.. Stream was great though

I really enjoyed watching tonight. Stream quality was excellent as was commentary, surprisingly.
They black guy on the panel with the hard hat was really entertaining and his big personality was refreshing without being over the top. I would like to see him on TSN.
I was really impressed with the whole panel actually.

Considering how the internet simplifies distribution, and the fact they now have a modern building to operate from, It seems like the only "hard" part would be finding a competent director and camera operators.

Agree totally! I was really bummed that there would be no coverage of the game on TV and then came home this afternoon to discover that I could watch the live streaming on my laptop which was really GREAT!!! Overall very good quality in both picture and sound except for a couple of little glitches where part of a phrase might be repeated and a very few seconds of blurry picture once or twice. Much better than NO visual. Kept this Central Ontario fan happy for sure!

That's correct. Better than having watched Grey Cup from Kinshasa, DRC in November which was 6 hours. That was a late night.

Thanks Tiger-Cats TV for an excellent presentation of the game last night!
I loved the idea of melting together the existing Tiger-Cat TV and a radio feed from TSN/CKOC.

Too bad we can't do that during the regular season. I'm getting a Google Chromecast unit as a birthday gift next month so we can watch stuff from the net on our HD TV. About the only thing now that stands between me and pulling the plug on cable is my need to watch the CFL on TSN.

Things are certainly looking good for the upcoming season. Jeff Matthews looks great and so does our defence. :thup: