TiCats List of upcoming free agents

NOTE: Kent Austin's Contract expires in Dec.

The Ticat list of potential free agents:


X-Masoli, Jeremiah, QB re-signed
X-Lewis, Jeremy, OL re-signed
Figueroa, Joel, OL
Olson, Jake, OL
Madu, Jr., Mossis, RB
XXX-Sinkfield, Terrell, WR-Vikings
Grant, Bakari, WR
Hickman, Justin, DL
Hall, Bryan, DL
XXXHarris, Erik, LB- Saints
Caldwell, David, LB
Reed, Taylor, LB
Stewart, Brandon, DB
Gainey, Ed, DB
Davis, Emanuel, DB
Carter, Jalil, DB
X-Sears, Jr., Johnny, DB - re-signed
Medlock, Justin, K


X-Prime, Carl-Oliver, RB - re-signed
Aprile, Giovanni, WR
Fantuz, Andy, WR
Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud, DL
X- Ellefsen, Everett, DL- re-signed
Hazime, Hasan, DL
Laurent, Ted, DL
Bulcke, Brian, DL
Atkinson, Michael, DL
X-Plesius, Frederic, LB - re-signed
Edem, Michael, DB
X-Stephen, Courtney, DB- re-signed@3yrs
King, Neil, DB
Miller, Kyle, DB
X-Crawford, Aaron, LS-re-signed
O’Neill, Hugh, P

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/11/17/key-ticat-contributors-on-track-to-hit-free-agency/]http://3downnation.com/2015/11/17/key-t ... ee-agency/[/url]

Every International on that list, with the exception of Sears JR should be re-signed. Sorry Johnny. I loved your physical play and intensity but you can't stay healthy. Too bad, because you are an impact player when you're out there.

Internationals - Aprile and Fantuz are probably gone. Ellefsen can go. Miller and Crawford I'm not to sure on, but everyone else should be brought back.

Start negotiations for Coach Austin right now - get him signed early so that he can work on re-signing these guys.

That's not clear to me from what Drew wrote:

And the man charged with shoring up the roster – vice-president of football operations Kent Austin – will also be entering the final year of the contract he signed in December 2012.
If he's [u]entering[/u] the final year, doesn't that mean he's signed through to the end of 2016?

we need Laurent signed 1st and foremost

That could be true, I may have mis - understood, I hope so

Scott Mitchell needs to extend Austin. If Austin stays, all of our FA's will want to stay too.

Crawford has been the long snapper although Girard has filled in since he was injured so he could be expendable. Personally I'd like to see Fantuz back and I know that Austin thinks very highly of his abilities BUT it would have to be for a very cap-friendly price. Aprile has done nothing (but miss a catchable ball I believe in the Ottawa game! :oops: ) so I can see him being gone. Have to agree with you about Sears. He was very good when he played but we can probably count on one hand the number of games he actually played this season. It's too bad.
Definitely the key Canadians need to be retained and probably many of the internationals (Reed, E.Harris priorities in my mind). Reality is though, that with a salary cap that will not increase significantly and with many players looking for a bigger pay cheque it will be hard to keep all of the guys we'd like to see return. Going to be a busy off season for KA (and yes he needs to be offered a contract extension before next season).

Thanks Grover, you're on the ball Man, great list as usual!


I think a lot will depend on the upcoming Eastern Final game in Ottawa?

A move forward to the Grey Cup will present even more of a challenge for Austin and his team of coaches as to who they keep and who they don't?

Certain players you would think would be a must to sign like Medlock, Hall, Laurant, Hickman and so on but we don't know what their plans are and if they still plan on trying the NFL again? I'm sure if they stay in Canada, that Austin will do everything to re-sign them again but the opportunity for more money in a career is always lingering south of the border.

I would be surprised to see Justin Medlock re-sign in Hamilton or the CFL with the season he has had and what he has accomplished unless he signs on to a huge contract with the Tiger-Cats comparable to what many QB's make in this league. Remember the guy is the leading scorer on the team on Money on every kick!

If Masoli has a great game in Ottawa like the win he contributed to over the Argos his stock will rise as well as a solid back up or potential starting QB maybe not here with Collaros but elsewhere?

A decision will be made on Austin as well and only Austin will answer that if he stays in Hamilton and at his current role of GM/Head Coach? He may wish to keep one hat and step aside for the other, or continue on with both. I doubt he would leave Hamilton and what he has built here but it's football and you never know?

Lots of questions remain I guess we'll find out in time.

Lets get a Win in Ottawa first on Sunday!!


I now that there are 3 months before the beginning of free agency but, based on Grover's list of potential free agents, I don't recall a CFL team ever having so many potential free agents. There are good players and many will expect a big increase.


Were dead without Ted. :cowboy:

SSK has more,
One reason is the new CBA, veterans can sign a 1 year contract now and not having to sign 1+1 contracts anymore

Let's end this season with a grey cup and then worry about fa I dunno why drew would even post that in the heat of the playoffs

Drew likes trying to make trouble. This isn't the first time. But it probably doesn't help that Kent has gone out of his way to alienate him.

Saskatchewan has more FAs but we did already sign Bomden and Filer or it would have been worse.

From an earlier post I do agree Laurent is a beast but we will have Gaydosh returning who can fill that spot. It all comes down to spreading the wealth unfortunately. One player that I am particularly interested in is Gascon-Nadon. I think he is real close to being a solid Canadian contributor and shouldn't break the bank.
Also ...ready for this. With an ouch I say resign Sinkfield and cut loose Speedy. Have Sinkfield and McDuffie more involved in the KR piece. I only say this because of the large $$$ Speedy is under contract for.
A guy like Sears could be a bargain. His value is at an all time low. If he gets injured throw him on injury and replace his $$$ with another player. You never want to buy high.
Any good team will lose key people and it is a matter of prioritizing who can be replaced.

Every one of those guys knows that Zach is coming back next season,
and most will want to be a part of this Championship Quality Organization, from ownership on down.

This may a bit TL/DR, but here are my own, personal choices and reasons thereof:

Masoli, Jeremiah, QB - Keep. He may have played himself up a rung or two recently.
Lewis, Jeremy, OL - Keep. He was a very good OT until he was injured.
Figueroa, Joel, OL - Gone. While a good OT, he has had too many injuries the past two seasons.
Olson, Jake, OL - Keep. With all the injuries on the O-Line, we need backup INT OTs (at least).
Madu, Jr., Mossis, RB - Gone/sign for less. The injury bug did nothing for his value this year.
Sinkfield, Terrell, WR - Keep. His pros vastly outweigh his cons, and Zach looks VERY comfortable passing to him.
Grant, Bakari, WR - Gone. While often injured, he takes FAR too many preventable penalties when he DOES play, and his lack of production is not worth the headache of another FA battle.
Hickman, Justin, DL - Keep.
Hall, Bryan, DL - Keep if possible. While he's a monster at DT, we have MANY quality Nationals that can play there.
Harris, Erik, LB - Keep.
Caldwell, David, LB - Not sure. I haven't seen enough to know if he can be a starter.
Reed, Taylor, LB - Not sure yet. He may be looking at the NFL again, but his stats/performance this season haven't helped his cause.
Stewart, Brandon, DB - Keep. Last year, I would have released him, but he certainly picked up his game. In the very least, he is a veteran depth player.
Gainey, Ed, DB - Gone. He is very replaceable.
Davis, Emanuel, DB - Keep. Probably our best INT DB.
Carter, Jalil, DB - Gone. He is very replaceable.
Sears, Jr., Johnny, DB - Gone/sign for less. Too often injured, but when he CAN play, he's a monster.
Medlock, Justin, K - Keep. Spend the money on Money!


Prime, Carl-Oliver, RB - Gone. Was primarily used as a blocking FB/TE and not much else.
Aprile, Giovanni, WR - Gone. He has done virtually NOTHING since he signed, and Coates is better.
Fantuz, Andy, WR - Gone/Sign for less. IMHO, Fantuz has spent more time in the IL than he's played during his stint as a Ti-Cat. IF Austin re-signs him, it should be for a HEAVY incentive-laden contract (games played, receptions/yds/etc)
Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud, DL - Keep. Capable backup DE, and a great ST player. Might be able to challenge for a starting spot if Norwood's knee isn't ready in time for TC.
Ellefsen, Everett, DL - Not sure. He was a backup/practice squad player this year, and didn't do much when he DID play. Better minds than I might be able to expand on this.
Hazime, Hasan, DL - Gone. Unfortunately he was too injured (recovering from Achilles tear) and couldn't crack the backup roster.
Laurent, Ted, DL - Keep. No-brainer.
Bulcke, Brian, DL - Gone. He had, I think, exactly ONE complete season out of his THREE years here. I would only re-sign him if we can't sign Laurent. Don't forget that we have Gaydosh signed to an extension.
Atkinson, Michael, DL - Keep. He may challenge for a starting position.
Plesius, Frederic, LB - Not sure. His price tag may be too high, but probably worthwhile if Taylor Reed doesn't sign.
Edem, Michael, DB - Keep. We need a good backup NAT DB.
Stephen, Courtney, DB - Keep. He had an All-Star season and was the team's nomination for MOC.
King, Neil, DB - Keep. We saw just how valuable he was while Butler was injured.
Miller, Kyle, DB - Gone. We have too many NAT Safeties as it is.
Crawford, Aaron, LS - Keep. These guys are gold.
O’Neill, Hugh, P - Keep. He's a VERY good punter, and it would allow Medlock to focus on place-kicking.

In summary, the players I'd let go are Figueroa, Grant, Gainey, Carter, Prime, Aprile, Hazime, Bulcke, and Miller. I'm not sure about Reed, Ellefsen, or Plesius; and I believe we should let go/sign for less Madu, Sears, and Fantuz. Madu because of injuries, lack of production and Ford is a better runner between the tackles; Sears because of his injury history; and Fantuz for the reasons I listed and more.

Great post, Displaced. Agree with most of it.

LEWIS - To me, he hasn't played well. he has let his guy through on more than one occassion when he was playing, including Masoli's fumble in the redzone, in the second Ottawa game. He hasn't impressed me.

CARTER - Depends on what he wants. We only just brought him in a few weeks ago, so he's still learning (he worked with Steinhauer before, but some of the nuances of the defense now might be different). I'd offer him mid-range pay and if he wants more, he can go somewhere else. He's certainly not a "must-sign" guy and you are right, he can be replaced if he doesn't like the offer.

GAINEY - See CARTER. Again, may as well offer him something. He hasn't done anything wrong, he's just replaceable. If he doesn't like the offer, then bye.


Grant and Bulcke... I understand why we'd let them go, but I'd be sad about it. Bulcke does get injured too often, but he does a lot of the community and he's a leader. If only he didn't get injured, I feel like we'd keep him for sure. Grant wanted a big payday and I don't think we'll give him it. With all the stupid penalties and dropped balls as of late, his stock might've lowered. He only signed here for one year so he could continue searching for top-tier player money this free agency. I like Grant, and I think he (like Bulcke) really wants to be a Ticat, so letting him go is unfortunate but probably going to happen.

REED - Unless he's trying the NFL, I'd sign him.

MADU - Drop him. Unfortunately for him, injury has gotten the best of him. Ford is a good backup to CJ, and Woodson is Canadian.

SEARS - Is a great player, but only played a game or 2 here and there. IF we resign him, it's basically got to be minimum with bonuses for every game played or something.

FANTUZ - He's injury prone, yes, but he's our star Canadian receiver. If we still had Giguere, I'd feel comfortable letting him go, but unless we pick up another good Canadian receiver in free agency, then I'm a little worried. I'd offer him a contract, for less of course, with incentives.

STEPHEN - I honestly don't know. He's had some realllllllly poor games. He seems like he's either hot or cold. Depends on how much he wants, IMO. Of course, Edem is a must sign if we let him go.

My list of MUST-SIGNS

MASOLI (If we win the GC. :wink: )

Of course I'd like to keep the majority of the guys on the FA list, but that probably not possible. :frowning:

Hopefully we can get some FA's re-signed before Dec.31,2015 so their bonuses will count against the 2015 cap.

Has the salary cap been increased for 2016 and what is it?!$