Ticats @ Lions 2023 PBP Thread

I espect to see some improvement in the Offence with Milanovic having anoher week with the players. I’m not expecting any miracles, but you either improve or you regress.

I expect the receivers to actually put in some effort and block for their team mates, run all routes as if you expect the ball, run-block, run the scramble drill, and actually extend their arrms to catch a football. Of course, dropping a pass that hiss you in both hands SHOULD get you benched for a series.

I would hope for more team discipline, but at this point, thay are who they are.

Powell needs better pass protection; whehter that means more TE sets, multiple RB options, liberal use of the running game with all three RB/HB, quick slant plays, things that can setup better chances for a deeper completion. Face it, with the Tackles currently employed, it would be extremely difficult for ANY QB to play.

Hopefully Liegghio and Vedvik have worked together enough to get their timing and holding in sync. They are playing in a dome, so there should be no wind issues - meaning that there is NO excuse for ilegal kickoffs or punts.

I am also looking for SOME improvement in the D-Line with Wynn having another week of practice. I really don’t hold-out any hope for overall Defensive improvements with both Washington and the personnel dressed.

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this is the least excited i’ve been for a game day since…I can’t even remember.


BC has laid a few stinkers this year against Toronto, Winnipeg and last week against Sask.

Obviously the outlook for the Cats is bleak in this game but let’s see what happens. It might be a trap game for the Lions or they might destroy us. It’s the CFL and anything can happen.

It’s Game Day. Bring on the beer, wings, and the angry mob on the 5th Quarter. :smile:


TiCats’ James Butler needs to be contained otherwise the Lions may have their work cut out for them.
Statistically the Lions are head and shoulders ahead of the Tabbies. The Lions’ receiving core is superior. Vernon Adams is the better of the QBs. Lions’ running game is not so hot.
But as always injuries factor in big and can change the direction of the game instantly. Dumb penalties can break a spirited game easily as well.
I expect the Lions to win tonight but the TiCats are not just going to roll over like my cat sometimes does. Hoping for a lively and injury free game.


I closed my eyes and dreamed that BC will not take us seriously and the cats will play a solid game and win!
Please don’t wake me up, it’s such a nice dream.:sleeping:


ROTFLMHO. Good one GrumpyGord. Sshhh… sorry…go back to sleep.

Blowout for a thousand Alex.


Any game day is a good day ( even in 2023). This West Coast 7pm EST kickoff is a gift. Wings, Pizza and hot dogs on the menu. Beer and aged Scotch at the bar.
I might throw a $20 on the Ticats to win just for shoots and giggles.



wings, pizza, beer, and aged single malt?

what’s the cover charge and address please :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you like aged cubans? :wink:


Want to bet me instead? I’ll give you the odds. Lol

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I chickened out and bet $10 instead. If the Cats win ( money line- no spread) the payout is $50.


I suspect we’ll keep it close for the first half and then get blown out in 2nd half when our D is tired.

Hoping we can score a TD or 2…forgot what that fealt like.


Could be. But i think our boys are mentally and spiritually done. I expect a big fat goose egg for our offense.

Might as well wish for the moon while we’re at it

Hoping this game doesn’t put too much grit in my oyster.

BC Lions - 36
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - 12.

Hoping for the best but definitely going to be realistic. I’d like to see them play a close game and show improvement. Last week was such a low point that there’s nowhere to go but UP :small_red_triangle:

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Let’s see TD’s instead of field goals.

And some long McAllister punts returns.


Without penalties!