Ticats Lineup

Hey ticat fans ....soem q's for you .

1 .Who do you think wil be the 3rd linebacker after moreno and mariuz ? Lofton ? Jackson ? Glasper ?
2. Who looks to take the other import D-LINEMAN spots other than KEITH ?
3. Who looks to be the favorites to get the 2 halfack spots ( DB'S ) AND safety . Do we think Obie may try to go with an import at safety like the argos ?
4. Will we be going with 3 imoport recivers ? Murphy , Amrsted ? Miles along with Woodcosk and let Baumann develop as a non starter ?
5. What to do with CAULLEY ? I hope this is not Holmes part 2 where we can't get him enough touches

For the ANSWERS to all these questions, and more - STAY TUNED to read the various reports coming out of Training Camp ... any attempt to answer these wold be PURE speculation, and conjecture supported by mere OPINION.

Come to think of it ... so is EVERY other answer on this board ....

SO, who will be our backup long snapper on 3rd down FAKES ?


Keep Caulley for sure, especially with Jesse's Injuries. at least if Lumsden gets hurt you still have a good RB.

1 .Who do you think wil be the 3rd linebacker after moreno and mariuz ? Lofton ? Jackson ? Glasper ?
Doesn't look like it will be Lofton...

Cauley, I like alot Jesse’s injurys scare me also.

Still not big time impressed by any of Obie’s signings versus his cuts.

We went 3-15, what did you expect? Obie wasn't hired to make no moves, and go into training camp with the same roster. Things needed to be changed and they were. Hold your judgment until the season starts, and we see what kind of team Obie puts on the field.

Where's the fun in that?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd probably go with Glasper, although I think he's more of a DB size player than a LB.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that Caulley is staying since we traded Davis. Caulley is a machine. I think he's a perfect back-up for Jesse.