ticats lineup for Eastern Final

Should be interesting to see how the Ticats approach the last 3 meaningless games.

If it were me , I would treat the nect two games like Exhibition games . I would put in all the starters for the first half vs Otrawa and Montreal and then rest as many starters in the 2knd halfs as possible and also giving players backups alot of playing time.
In the third game vs the Argos I would play the first stringers the whole game at home so rhey are rolling with a big win going into the week off and Eastern Final.
The starters that might be exceptions and play all 3 games are those that are clearly up for an all star selectiion ,top receiver, mop or top defender…so J"Gared Davis, Wynn ,Simoni, Frankie Williams, , Adeleke, Revenburg, Addison, and Banks could get more than half of the first two games.
Players like Tasker, QB’ s Moore and Watford,Okafor, Palmer, Gibbon, Girard, Rb’ s Coombs and Irons, Bennet and possibly Erlington should get a lot of plaing time and Tucker and Urlinger.
Mauldin and Beverette and Dean should get alot of playing time too.

i hope Erlington, Tasker and Breaux willl be at full speed and fresh come Nov17.

We are very fortunate to have a fresh Sutton for our 2 important wins and Evans proved me wrong and reached a top tier level.

Among other factors, I really hope Sutton and the O Line are running full throttle.

Hey Gerbear nice to see you back with your original name. No point in hiding behind a pseudonym. Everybody figures it out anyway. ;D

I wouldn’t mind seeing Moore and Watford get some action over the next 3 games. In pre-season Moore looked like he has quite a cannon for an arm. He made some nice longer throws and was fairly accurate. Hopefully we’ll see his progression since the start of the season.

I’d like to see Hayden Moore and David Ungerer get some playing time.

Erlington won’t be back this year.

Is that based on something other than your opinion? I haven’t come across anything definitive about his situation but perhaps I missed something…

Have Evans play only in the 1st quarter of the next 2 games and a half in the last game.
Give Moore and Watford lots of playing time.

This will not happen, not a chance. I imagine he will play 3 quarters minimum each game down the stretch. I certainly could be wrong but I guarantee he won’t be playing less than a half in any given game

I am sure the backup QBs will get their game time.

GreyCupBound: I doubt the Cats would risk re-injuring Thomas-Erlington if he is not 100% fully healed. With Sutton, Irons and the others we are in great shape for the last few games. There isn’t really a need to rush STR back onto the field.

That is likely true, and it would seem (based on hearing nothing for so long) that he wont be back, just thought maybe I had missed something since the comment was stated (seemingly) as a fact

That’s true. We have options.

Who would you start a healthy STE or a healthy Sutton?

Both of them are powerful runners. Can’t go wrong with either.

8)Well, the only one who is really healthy is Sutton, so you obviously start him !!

If both were healthy, I would still start Sutton !! Years of experience and he wants a GC ring !!
He has a lot more to prove than STE at this point in his career !!

Sutton unless for whatever reason you need another National starter.

X 2. It would be ideal if STE would be ready post season - an insurance policy heavily required for the Cat’s RB position.

In the words of the modern philosopher Orlondo (On the radio this morning)


Definitely STE he is a ground threat and a recieving threat just like Andrew Harris. Plus his blocking in pass protection is pretty good. Also if you can start 8 Nationals and don’t DI Sutton, he can come in for STE at anytime.

The question is hypothetical. If STE were healthy, he’d be practicing. Regardless, start Sutton and pound the defence to keep the blitzing to a minimum.

I would still start Sutton. Does anyone know the status of Cam Marshall. He performed quite well when actually given the ball.