Ticats - Leos GDT

I totally agree with Rhymes, this team needs major management changes. They wonder why they can't get fans in the seat. Well the answers are right in front of them. They are BORING to watch. They haven't got one trick play in their play book. Except for the one where they all line up in single file (WTF) and can't even do that right all it does is confuse the players not the opposition.

Jennings is more efficient when he leaves the pocket, but ever since his injury he just sits and waits to get hit as the dump pass is non efficient. The only time they do the dump pass is when it 2nd and long and well we all know how that works.

Don't get me wrong Iam a long time Wally supporter but my friend your time has come. The game is different and everyone knows your coaching style.

The defence has no imagination it does the same set of plays over and over. With iPads on the side lines it doesn't take teams long to see the pattern and they can make adjustments as the game goes on. One reason all the coaches have head phones and are in constant contact with the guys upstairs except Wally.

Until this team gets an imagination the seats will remain empty.

Lions have sure failed to meet expectations this season. I had them finishing with 12 - 14 wins with Jennings winning the MOP. Right now, he is looking more like a Casey Printers flash-in-the-pan. The team could very well miss the playoffs this year..first time in 20 years.

The situation off the field looks pretty dire as well. They announced a crowd of 18,000, but half the seats in the lower bowl - the corner end zones and the back of the end zones looked like they had a total a few thousand if that...so like 20% full tops. The areas between the goal lines are only 60 - 70% full as well. You can clearly see lots of little empty patches of seats. Probably only 13 - 14,000 in attendance for this game..half the lower bowl.

The team has to be losing money at this point, especially when you consider that they receive no revenue from stadium naming rights, no concession revenue, no parking revenue and no revenue from other events. Add in that they do not sell out all the suites and club seats and the situation looks dire. Braley's refusal to sell the team a couple years ago will cost him millions. Who knows? Maybe he will try to force the league to bridge the gap when no prospective new owner will offer him more than $15 - $17 million for the team. Add another $3 - $5 million from the league or perhaps give him a large percentage of Grey Cup revenue from the next big game in BC Place even if owned by another team

First, if the Lions were to consider that move may as well put up the white flag.
As for Reed being cut loose by the Wettenhals, not so sure. Reed is their “yes sir” GM.
Time will tell if that will happen. As an Als fan, I am hoping it does.
I also hope that the Wettenhals have come to their senses and allow the President to go out and hire competent GM and coaches and allow them to do their jobs without interference.
It will be a rebuild and years to do so. But it needs to be done in order for the organization to get back to some for m of respectability.

I don't see the Als having the patience of say the Bombers organization taking on a 3-year rebuild. Have the Als ever done this in their history?

Sad but true.

Attendance was reported as just a hair over 18,000, but considering the bottom bowl (which holds 27,000) was around 2/3 empty, it was 11,000 - 12,000 actually there at most. I know BC is last in the west… but still.

I thought 12 wins minimum.
For sure they are underachieving.
When they got Chris Williams, I thought they had the best receiving group in the CFL.

Get him the ball lions. Can not just rely on 84 and 16.

It wasn't a catch.
There was 1 second left on the clock.

I can not believe people are debating a loss or victory based on 1 second or not.

The Lions played like crap.

BTW, the Lions defender should not have taken him to the ground.

Should have just held him up and the clock would have run out.

Why do players not understand these things ?

Reminds me of the 2008 Grey Cup.

Stamps defender took an Als receiver to the ground with a clear second left.

I almost cried, because I thought " dummy, why tackle him , when you can just hold him up and the clock will run out.?"

To my relieve, the officials made a blunder and let the 1 second run out.

It has quietly turned into an Argos-type situation on the west coast. Their season ticket base is apparently below 10,000 at this point.

Attended this game...dismal on all levels. No life, no crowd and an awful game by two awful teams. Thank goodness we had our pre-game at Cental City Brewing...at least that was enjoyable.