Ticats - Leos GDT


I can hope.

interesting match up. Lions are on the way down (1-4 in their last 5) and the Tabbies are starting to scratch their way out (2-1 in their last 3).

This being a late start in BC favours then traditionally but this could be the exception to that rule. I wouldn't bet against Hamilton tonight which says a lot coming from a die-hard Argo fan.

And this one is a REALLY late start. 10:00PM ET or 10:30PM ET is bad enough but I just realized this one doesn't start until 11:00PM. Not sure how many Cats fans will still be up around 2:00AM when this one is likely to end.

I have about 14 cats fans arriving in about half hour....

We'll all be up at 2am....

Just hope we are celebrating.... (who am I kidding, we will be celebrating regardless)

OK - 12:45AM (2:15AM for those of you in Newfoundland) and I’m still up. :slight_smile:

Thanks in part to my angry (which got my blood flowing waking me up) reaction to the ridiculous Control Centre overrule of Banks great catch. (And yes it was a CATCH).

Now let’s just hope there is enough excitement to keep me up for another 90 minutes or so to make it through the entire second half.


Stop that!

Why is the game so late? And, for the record, I am up.

Ya not sure who the genius is who scheduled an east- west Friday night game in BC. Seems like this one would be better played on a Saturday afternoon.

8:00PM ET first game of the doubleheader from Winnipeg meant an 11:00PM ET start for this one.

OK - touchdown Tasker! Has my eyes open again. But I've been up since before 7:00AM some 18 hours ago - so I am hanging in - but fading. lol

This June Jones has the Ticats playing decent ball right now.

Good Lord! Can we ever have an easy win? My heart stopped on that last play. One lateral pass and it could have been UGLY.

They made up for it by creating an extra second in the first half. This should have been a BC victory.

All this time I thought a half of football was 30 minutes not 30:01 ::slight_smile:

As I said earlier, Hamilton is going up and BC is on their way down. With the Riders fortunes turning the playoff run could get interesting.

Either the Lions were over confident,


Stamps knocked the confidence out of them.

This Lions team has no confidence right now.

Horrible play calling. Penalties at bad times. No return game. Defense played okay, but couldn't get key stops when needed, and O-line was bad. Shower. Rinse. Repeat.

Time to clean house this off-season from the top on down. As far as off-field personnel, I only want to see Kato and Billy back (the equipment guy and the trainer).

Still ahead of the Als :wink:

...for now.Wait, your right, even the Leos aren't as bad as the Als. :wink:

No argument there.

The ultimate DOOMSDAY SCENARIO for Lions fans - - -

Changes occur on the left coast - and Kavis Reed eventually wends his way to Vancouver after being cut loose in Montreal - and make no mistake - he'll be cut loose in Montreal!

Cats can still claw their way back to. 500, as unlikely as it seems.
Green looked amazing at RB. Gable has been injured way too often the last 3 seasons. Time to move on from him.