Ticats left wondering what went wrong (TSN)


I have some suggestions... :slight_smile:

Much navel-gazing ahead in a long off-season...

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Great piece. Thanks for sharing.

Made me feel a little bit better.

It pains me to say this but after the first three or four offensive series I knew we were in trouble. What's wrong in Tigertown isn't the players, it's the OC who designed an unwinable gameplan.

Stevie Baggs should become a motivational speaker when he retires. The guy just knows exactly what to say. My admiration for him grows on a daily basis. Class act, class guy, great addition to the team.

Agredd 1,000%! I just alluded to that in another post.

This guy is special.

The OC didn't have a clue all year how to utilize Cobb and if we toss Cobb, you can bet some other team will grab him in hours and we'll pay the price next time we meet. Cobb is NOT George Reed and never will be, so why do they keep punching him up the middle at non-existent holes that the O-line fail to open?

Use him to do what he does best for cripes sakes which is play action, screens, stunts etc, etc........this is not rocket science and it's so frustrating to watch.

I bet there are 7 other CFLcoaches out there just salivating at the thought we might throw him under the bus.

Here's another good piece from TSN, written by Suitor a couple days before the semis:


Those things are only effective as complements to a legit fundamental running game, which we don't have. Sending your RB straight ahead from time to time to gain yards and keep the defence honest is something a team MUST be able to do. A running game that lacks the ability to create yards up the middle is like a supposed hamburger that consists of only a bun.

That's been painfully obvious all year. At some point Cobb started dancing behind the line. I'm not sure when this started but perhaps it was due to the predictable playcalling. Cobb isn't a straight forward/run over people type back, yet yesterday those were the plays called for him.

Nor did the 2010 TiCats have a stereotypical FB and that hurt the club on short yardage situations. It didn't have to as there are options other than 'straight up the gut' running.

I worry that Bauman may leave for greener pastures. It would be a shame because he started living up to his potential near the end of the season. Perhaps he wasn't used properly either - did Glenn ever throw to him on a fade route?

They will try and keep Bauman, the guy is coming into his own I'd say.

True, but yesterday and for most of the season, Cobb only went straight forward. There were two or three games were he didn't dance and hit the holes hard but for the most part he lost his intensity and focus along with predictable straight forward playcalling.

Could it be because for those two or three games there were holes to hit?

I would take that bet. RB seems to be the position with the shortest shelf life in the league in recent years. The discard pile is filled with former 1,000-yard rushers, and most teams have been better off finding fresh blood of their own rather than picking through the scrap heaps of others.

(For RBs cast aside in their prime, see: Keith, Kenton; Smith, Joe; Davis, Troy; Avery, John; Payton, Jarrett; Ranek, Josh; etc, etc)

Does anyone actually think Chris Bauman would stay here after what the Ticats have done or didn't do during his time here. Admittedly, he dropped some passes but how many were really thrown his way... not many. I'm sure we could offer him anything he wanted and it would not be enough to keep him here.
The ability of our coaches to
A) recognize talent.
B) Use it properly
is close to zero.

Remember how long it took Bellefeuille to recognize that Porter was useless and Glenn should get the ball.
Bauman is gone already and he will become another top receiver in the league who once played for the Ticats....
I wonder how many other players we have on the bench or on the practise roster who are better than our starters?

One thing you have to give Bauman is he always steps up and makes the clutch catches in the big games and at the big moments. I believe he made two clutch catches in the final drive of the game yesterday, and numerous other catches before that. In the EDSF last year, he made some clutch catches on the final drive to send the game into over time. This guy is a gamer, and it's to bad the coaches haven't seen it. Out of all the star receivers we have, Arland Bruce, Marquay McDaniel, Maurice Mann, etc. this guy was the only one who showed up yesterday, and in last years EDSF he was as clutch as anyone. I hope Obie and the coaching staff come to their senses and re- sign him.

Lots went wrong IMO. The whole team seemed flat and unfocussed to begin with--a strike against Marcel. The O-line couldn't protect KG well enough. KG never was able to get set. The running game was weak. Cobb didn't have a good game and the O-line didn't help. No receiver stepped up as a go-to guy. AB3 came up empty. Stala was largely shut down. No one else (except maybe Baumann) stepped up. The Argo's starting CB Middlebrooks was out and the Cats didn't exploit a rookie CB. DeAngelis missed an early gimme which not only set the tone for the game but it was the difference between a tie and the eventual loss. The Argo's secondary outplayed their Hamilton counterparts. I didn't like the gameplan going in and they didn't seem to make any adjustments throughout the game. The Argos used Kuale almost as a roving blocker to open holes for Boyd and the Cats seemed unable to adjust. The D wasn't able to stop the Argos on the last drive when they had to start from deep in their own end. If they'd been able to force a 2-and-out, the Cats would have taken over near mid-field at worst and close to FG range.

It's a good team but it's not a great team--yet. I look forward to seeing some new faces in 2011.

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