Ticats' Left Offensive Tackle Position in 2009

In 2008, the following Ticat players started at least one game at left offensive tackle:

J'onta Woodard started eight games (one win)- released in Sep/08
Charles Thomas started six games (one win)
Gerald Davis started three games (one win)
Peter Dyakowski started one game (zero wins)

A scan of the unofficial CFL free agency list contains only two left offensive tackles:
Rob Murphy (B.C.)
Alexandre Gauthier (Wpg)

There are also two right offensive tackles on the CFL free agency list:
Jason Jimenez (B.C.)
Dave Mudge (Mtl- backup)

If Murphy and Gauthier are still free agents on Feb 16/09, it will be interesting to see whether Ticat GM Bob O'Billovich pursues one of them. Although Murphy has the higher profile, Gauthier is also competent at the position and he is a non-import. Murphy will be 32 years of age in 2009 and Gauthier will be 33. Murphy is sure to command the higher salary of the two.

If you were the Ticat GM and could sign one player to compete with Thomas, Davis and/or Dyakowski for the left offensive tackle position at 2009 training camp, what would you do?

  1. Sign Murphy?
  2. Sign Gauthier?
  3. Sign Jiminez and convert him to left tackle?
  4. Sign Mudge and convert him to left tackle?
  5. Sign a free agent with NFL experience at left tackle?
  6. Sign a left tackle fresh out of NCAA college football?

Your replies are welcomed.

If they are available, sign Jimenez and Murphy. Also, get the other non-import slackers we presently have to compete more by using the two top draft picks we have in 2009 to select the two best O-Linemen available.

Well definitely NOT option #4; two seasons ago Montreal tried shifting Mudge over to LT and he was like a fish out of water there, by his own admission he played terribly at that spot.

Perhaps this should have been done last year, when we had the 1st overall pick.
Why not check out the Calgary Stampeder roster, and you will see: Jesse Neuman, and Dmitri Tsoumpas both as 1st year selections. And Dmitri was a starter....
Who won the Grey Cup, and who didn't make the playoffs?
Why does this sound like Rocket Science to the Tabbies, but child's play to everyone else?

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Murphy won't play for us... he wants to play for a winner..

I think Dyakowski deserves to get a chance at LT.. He has great feet and is an non-import.. Plus another year of experience will have him chomping at the bit..

Peter Dyakowski IMO was and has been terrible on the OLine.

Peter is Better Guard then Tackle ..
He feet are not quick Enough.
Rob Murphy should be a Target here

Don't write him off yet. there is a RUMOUR floating around that he wants to be closer to his US home. Hamilton would fit that bill.

Its a possibillity.