Ticats kicker DeAngelis under pressure

That's the headline in the story in today's post explaining that Wilbur is being given consideration to do the long kicks for the 'Cats. DeAngelis sites problems with the winds in Ivor Wynne and says that Ozzie backs it up. Interesting read... hope it doesn't lead to team controversy.

[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/Ticats+kicker+DeAngelis+under+pressure/3737003/story.html]http://www.nationalpost.com/related/top ... story.html[/url]

The question still remains....If the wind is bothering DeAngelis so much. why is it not bothering kickers on opposing teams?

As to his blaming new this, new that, for a slow start, convenient excuse???

Tough luck. If that is best for the team that's what we should do.

He gets paid to do ONE THING so he better do it well. I've never been in favour of using 2 kickers so if Wilbur can kick FGs too we should use him. Sorry for DeAngelis, but it's not about him.

sandro is the one 'weak link' on this team.
too many missed FG's all season long, in very untimely situations.
his missed FG's in week 2 cost the tigercats the win against the stamps.
they could have been 10-6 right now, and challenging the als for the division crown, instead of settling for 2nd.

He said that? I don’t even know how to answer that, I mean, I’m the most accurate field-goal kicker in CFL history.
I wonder if Sandro drops this little tidbit with any regularity. Probably not the best way to win the love of one's teammates.

or rather his Head Coach, Marcel Bellefeuille.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats kicker was told that

his head coach, Marcel Bellefeuille, is considering
using punter Eric Wilbur to kick long field goals.

“It’s about managing your personnel and finding

what everybody’s strengths are and using them,? Bellefeuille told reporters.

“Eric started practising those long-range kicks a little bit
and he had some success, so we’ll see how that plays out.?

Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/related/top ... z13fpLDxeL

And if Wilbur can nail those long field goals in IWS, DeAngelis may end up BEING history.

Kicker returns, memories in tow

By Allen Cameron, Calgary Herald

Friday October 28, 2010

Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/Kicker+ret ... z13frMnbwj

At least, he is going to be feeling the love of his non-football friends
in Calgary, and he is out of the bad book of ex-team-mate Nick Lewis.

For his part, Lewis has no interest in maintaining any kind of feud;

he insists now that he likes DeAngelis, and has Tweeted regularly that
he wishes DeAngelis would show the same swagger he used to as a Stampeder.

Ok enough is enough. I can not believe the quantity of Horse Excretion excuses that comes out of Sandros mouth. Ive been in his position before, sometimes for a kicker, being in a slump can be demoralizing, but if your coach is too scared to send you out for a 43 yard field goal attempt, what the F*** are you doing in the pros still? I played college ball in the US midwest where it gets REALLY windy sometimes, and If you EVER mentioned the wind as an excuse for why you missed a FG, your coach would cut your B**** off, then replace you/cut your scholarship or kick you off the team. I have been in sandros corner all season being a kicker myself, but with his extraordinary cockiness (im the most accurate kicker this country has EVER PRODUCED!), his act is getting old real fast. Ive kicked at Ivor Wynne before and its just like kicking anywhere else. I love my ticats but this is a league of "what have you done for me lately", and honestly the only thing keeping him around right now is the quantity of Canadian dollars that was spent on him...

ok, my rant is over

Anybody think that Marcel's comment that he is considering using Wilbur on long field goals
was designed to get Sandro all cranked up for tomorrow's game against his former team?


Last week it was reported somewhere that Eric Wilbur hasn't been kicking off recently
because the team doesn't want to take a chance with the ankle he rolled a while back.

8) You're right Wilf. The wind doesn't seem to bother the oppositions kickers !!
 At this point, it would appear that the coaching staff has lost faith in DeAngelis, as much as the fans have, for him

 kicking a successful field goal from outside the 40 yd. line !!

 If Wibur can successfully do both jobs for us,  I would not expect to see Sandro back here next year.

 Considering the money he is making, he has been a big disappointment for us,  for sure !!

The National Post is nothing but bird-cage liner....

it figures they'd want to start a controversy in Hamilton :roll:

Whoa there Deerhunter. You know that I've never taken a shot at you but to slag the Post is close to slagging my sainted grandmother!

It's the only paper in Canada that presents all different sides of an issue. The Editorial page is social libertarian.... and I disagree with it QUITE a lot.... but they ALWAYS have opposing viewpoints presented. Sometimes I even yell at the thing and then turn the page to find something that positively delights me.

They actually discuss issues and let people take sides.... and they do it with fun and add lots of humour to the paper every day. They'll put atheist Christopher Hitchens and a Catholic priest on the same page. They'll have a Palestinian debating with an Israeli. Yesterday one columnist was praising Harper while another was skewering him. Wakes up my brain every morning. Then they go and do blind taste-testings of ketchups or something. Decent CFL coverage too.

Deerhunter, do you read it or just go by what some people say? As an oldtime newspaper guy (when I was quite young almost 40 years ago) I can say from my regular reads of the other major papers that there is NO other paper in Canada that comes close to matching it.... and precious few in North America. That's why it wins all the international awards that it does. Oh yeah.... DeAngelis' performance this year... what you find ON bird-cage liner.

I read both articles posted in this thread...when I take the whole article into consideration...I really don't have a problem with what he has to say. At the same time...I hope that he continues to make the kicks. Going 4 for 8 at the start of the season was a disaster for sure. but at the same time it was as much if not more of a disaster for him on a personal level. He asked and got help. :wink: Thanks Ozzie :thup:

Any paper that prints anything by a certain reporter named "Christie" is nothing but a rag in my opinion.

Or high school teams....

How about that kick in the Rogers Center? Wind again?


She works for the Globe. Now, back to the topic of wind.... :slight_smile:

Even the ones he does make he seems to drive them through on a pretty low trajectory. (see blocked extra point last week)

You rarely if ever see him kick a nice high, powerful end over end beauty.

Personally I think there's something wrong with his mechanics. Hopefully he can get it fixed because as of now he's the only major concern I have with the team.

...Mark, they still printed her nonsense :roll: ...yuck !

now, as far as our kicker?.......people need to back off and let him work it out.......Ozzy himself had some bad patches he went through

We had a great kicker last year who was a great punter too, yet he went through a bad patch and he was gone. He should never had been released.
D'angelis is a local boy and they will give him chance after chance, kind of unfair.