Ticats Just Not Good Enough.

They talk a great game. Before the game everybody as a finger on what needs to be done but come game time, nobody's doing it. It's the same old with this team. Terrible discipline resulting in bone crusher penalties, dropped balls, (Toliver's all talk too) atrocious play calling (hand off on 2nd and 14?) Terrible, horrible, ridiculous tackling. (Daly overrated as hell) right down to nobody being able to block or make a tackle on ST. Jones was outcoached again and again pulled defeat from the Jaws of victory. As for Masoli, he made some great passes but I guess the word on the street is right about him. He can't finish the deal. Good enough to break your heart and that's the obituary on him. I've given him all the time I could to refute his naysayers but it's getting late in the day and to the point where I am no fun anymore.... I am sorry...

I disagree. I don't think everyone has a handle on what's wrong. They say it's little things, like penalties & mistakes in execution. Those aren't little things. Those are the things that cost teams games. It's time for the leaders on this team to step up & quit yakking. Good teams hold each other accountable for things like discipline.

Orlondo Steinauer Needs to be more involved!? Where is he up in the booth?

Well said Count Floyd. All of thesepenalties & mistakes in executionare correctable and must be addressed ASAP.
It seemed we were starting out at our 10 yard line almost every series, and it is not all the fault of Special Teams when the team is taking undisciplined penalties over and over.

It is pretty obvious that penalties take field position from us and give field position to the opposition

Rinse, lather, repeat. It's a broken record. These are not the problems but are the symptoms of a badly coached football team.

Funny thing is they didn't seem to have much difficulty being more disciplined and executing last week - and the DBs managed to catch the ball that practically landed in their hands. If they can execute and be more disciplined against a bad team they should be able to execute and limit their penalties against better teams. Unfortunately they went back to beating themselves in again last night. The second TD that Winnipeg scored is a perfect example of that (turnover in our end, costly penalties giving up most of the yards needed to score). I hope that they can mull over this loss during their bye week better than they did the loss to the Riders before their last bye.

I guess it came as a huge surprise to June Jones that a guy who's been nursing a broken hand for 2 months would inexplicably get hit on that hand and fumble in a crucial spot, by golly.

That's one aspect that I find myself swearing at the TV for the most. You see the opposing ball carrier 6 or 7 yards away from a 1st down with 3 Cats surrounding him and he still manages to get to the marker. On top of not wrapping up, some of our tacklers are useless in one on one situations. They either over pursue or get the angles wrong. Especially frustrating when this happens on 2nd down and we could be getting the ball back if the tackler made a play. This needs to be addressed by the coaches.

Daly missed some practice this week because his son was born the day before gameday
He had just arrived in WPG a couple of hours before the game.
We could cut him some slack

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Congratulations to Mike Daly (@DalyNews8) and his wife Sam, on the birth of their first born

5:09 AM - 10 Aug 2018

I agree, although I hardly provide my input on this forum, I'm of the opinion that if this keeps up you will see the fans in the stands diminish like the cheerleaders. A change is due before its too late, coach's calls are to predictable.

Don't give up on them or him just yet. They are going into their by week, they can heal, rest up and regroup. I want to see how they do against Edmonton before I call it a day.