Ticats June 22 Game Exclusive To Season Seat Holders

I think this is an AWESOME idea on the tiger cats end, sure ppl who arent season ticket holders may not be to happy but hey it's exhibition....we normalyl get 20,000 or less for these games so why not try to get more ppl in the stands, and get some new ppl out here who normally wouldn't, and maybe try to peak their interest? My dad and I ordered the 10 tickets right away, and I will be giving them away to my gf her 2 lil sisters, my brother, and then the remaining to friends, i look forward to seeing a packed house for an exhibition game against montreal, it will be nice to see our starters the 1st half vs their starters...can't wait!

I'm from "out of town"...I have 4 season's and I stay in a motel for at least half of the games that we come down for. I know a few others too who travel from Sudbury, Sarnia and London, Listowel and Kincardine for games. Believe it or not there are quite a few season ticket holders from out of town. Many of us give away a portion of our tickets every year, because honestly it really doesn't cost us any more because of the discount we get.

I understand how some fans could perceive this as a "slight" to out of towners, but really, to bring someone to Ivor Wynne who has only seen it on TV, is the best way to build a solid fan-base.

Rocky, PM me, I've got 2 tickets for you if you will use them. :wink:

I'm a little lost here, what discount?

Per game, season seats are between 19 and 33 percent cheaper than the single game price.

Duh, thanks.
I related it to the 'out of town' part of the sentence instead of the 'seasons' part. Couldnt figure out why an out of towner paid less for his seasons than I do. :?

Very cool promotion... very cool.

not to be forgotten is the discount season ticket holders get on additional tickets through out the year. For example, Every game last year we bought at least an endzone ticket at a discounted price of $12.50 in exchange for a parking spot at a friends house on prospect....he gets to go to every game and we get to park within 50 yards of the stadium for $12.50!

All in all the discount on any additional tickets bought through out the year is a good way to get new fans out! When they show interest and you tell them all you have to do is pick up the phone and its either on you or you can get them tickets at half price they are obviously more likely to go!

I live in Atlanta and was hoping to make this my first CFL game in person. My sister-in-law lives in Rochester, NY and we thought the Wed game would give us a chance to swing up, see the game, visit some friends in Toronto and still get back to Rochester for the weekend and my nephew's HS graduation.

We were planning to leave home on June 17 (the day remaining seats would be made available) and travel up over the course of a couple days.

So, while this may be a great way to thank season ticket holders, it's also a great way to keep the fanbase from expanding.

Oh, and I'd love to attend the July 1 game vs Winnipeg, but it seems single game seats to that one are unavailable too.

Anyone have any ideas on how to convert my frustration back into excitement and anticipation?

:roll: :roll: :roll:

You're complaining because you have lost your excitment because the Cats aren't catering to you....from Atlanta?
All the marrier but if you honestly think the Cats are going to make sure EVERY single person on the earth has a way of making it to a PRE-SEASON GAME , forget it.
THere is a reason why god created smartphones and hotspots.
Figure it out for yourself.

Honestly :roll:

PS....The season ticket holders are getting NOTHING out of this....NOTHING!!!!!!
PPS... you say this is a great way of keep the fan base from expanding . Are you suggesting that those from Atlanta are the ones who the ticats should be thinking of more so than the 10 LOCAL citizens who may actually buy season tickets?
Is that what you are suggesting????

I have the perfect solution. I have 4 sweet seats in a row in Box F that I would be happy to share with you. Inbox your name and I will see to it the tickets are left for you at will call. Better yet, I'd go so far as to meet you outside the stadium and help you find your seats. Enjoy the game. Next time I'm in Atlanta you can repay the favor.

Holy Cow, A1exander! Thanks so much!
I'm going to expect that there are more Ti-Cats fans like you than GeoffW. I realize the Ti-Cats don't need to cater to international fans, but it was a real bummer to plan on this for a few months to only get shut out.

A1exander, I'll message you in just a minute with some info. This is very generous. I'll be happy to throw a few bucks your way to make things worth your while. Maybe even buy you a beer or two.

That's a fantastic gesture.

Wally, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver.

If the guy honestly wants to see his first CFL game here in Hamilton, then I'm probably not the first STH that would be happy to leave him a couple tickets at the door. I still have 3 tickets left aside from the 4 I've offered him and since I hold 2 seats I could have asked for 20 instead of 10. If I need more, I'll simply call Maurice and if theres avalability I'll get a few more. Its no big deal.

Now when you say we get nothing out of this deal, I'd disagree. You don't speak for all STH. I was able to give my neighbor 4 tickets to the game in thanks for him snowblowing my sidewalk everytime he did his own. Really nice seats too. He says he used to go to Ivor Wynne when he was younger but hasn't been in years. His two young boys and lovely wife have never been. This was a perfect opportunity for me to thank my neighbor while trying to grow the fan base. I know they will have fun. All this cost me zilch thanks to the TiCats genorous offer. Makes me feel good, so I did get something out of this.

I cant accept any cash Major, but I guarantee I'll let you buy me that beer or two. :rockin:

:rockin: Indeed!

Thanks so much!
I could NOT be more jacked about this!

I haven't been this excited since the Georgia Bulldogs played in the SEC Championship a few years back!

Hahahaha. I'm glad to hear that. I PM'ed you. See you on game day.

Me too Alexander .
I would've been happy to help him out.
If he had said ," hey guys,I'm in a pickle.
I'm traveling on the day tickets are released to the public , can anyone help me out?" Then I'm sure me and other would've stepped in but instead he takes a shot at the Cats for not looking out for out of towners and suggesting that only the STH and their buddies are benefiting , then I say Screw you.

Again. :roll: As a season ticket holder so far I created an email and sent it to 20 of my friends, Called the ticat office and ordered the tickets and will proabally deliver the tickets to my friends to a game that I can't go to because I'm out of town.
Where is it again that I'm benefiting from this??????

Hey , maybe I should badmouth the cats for not checking with me first before the schedule is made up.


Fair point. I shouldn't have taken a shot at the Ti-Cats.
But, when the schedule was released, I started making plans on the assumption that, you know, anyone would be able to get in and make those plans more than a week in advance.

Sorry about the shot at the team. No harm intended, but I was a little burned by the whole thing. But man, did A1lexander help me out!?

So awesome and I'm so impressed by you folks. That's as good as any Southern Hospitality I've ever seen!

My bad for sounding like a cry baby.

I'm not upset or anything... I've had AMAZING experiences at Ticats games! Some of the best times of my life!

I know I told you I'll leave the tickets at will call Major, but better yet, I can leave them for you at the TigerTown store. That way you can get yourself some black and gold on gameday.

Oskee Wee Wee!