Ticats June 22 Game Exclusive To Season Seat Holders

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are making their June 22 preseason game an exclusive event for season seat holders and their friends.

Beginning today, Ticats season seat holders will be invited to attend the game against the Grey Cup champion Montreal Alouettes and have the opportunity to secure up to 10 additional tickets for friends, colleagues and family. The gameday experience will include special merchandise offers, food and beverage deals and unique promotions.

Season seat holders can secure extra tickets by contacting their account representative at 905-547-CATS (2287). Fans are encouraged to order their tickets immediately and pick them up along with their 2011 tickets at the Season Seat Pickup Party on Saturday, May 14 from 11:00am-1:00pm at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

For more info: http://www.ticats.ca/article/preseason- ... at-holders

Does anyone know if 10 seats are available to each seat(in my case 2 x10) or to each subscriber?


Well.... I live out of town... so for me to buy seasons tickets is a gamble. That being said.... I the last 4 years I've probably missed 4 preseason/season games total.... including ticat preseason/season games at the Rogers Center. Why do I suddenly feel unappreciated???

So.... there are no open seat sales? Odd. I hope that it works out for the team. I'll be at the game but I can't bring 10 along with me.

That will help attract new fans :slight_smile:

Wonder what the thought behind that was

these 10 tix arent free to season ticket holders are they??

This makes no sense to me.

I agree that season ticket holders deserve something for putting their support into the team... but this is just... I dunno...

At least once and up to three times a year I travel 6 hours to Hamilton, Pay for a Hotel room and buy merchandise at the Stadium and/or The Tigertown store and I read this and I see...

"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats don't really care about the commitment from people out of town. We want to make sure that our season ticket holders and their 10 buddies that couldn't care less about Ticats football get to see the game"


I understand the frustration of non-season ticket holders, but I don't think this is meant as a slight on you. I think the team figured that since it's a Wednesday night game in June and it's pre-season they should think of a way to fill the seats. The way they came up with just happened to serve 2 purposes: "rewarding" season seat holders and filling the seats with what could potentially be new season seat holders.

sorry dude but you're coming off as a cry baby.

They owe you nothing but entertainment for your dollar.
If you don't think you're getting your monies worth once a year then don't make the trip.

The reason they have done this (as pointed out above) is to draw NEW fans into the stadium.
Nothing more.

Yes they are

They are? Tina, where does it say that? I read it just as first availability but I could need new glasses.

This deal works out alright for me (well, my family). I can't go, so I planned to give my ticket to my mom. I felt bad for her going by herself, though. Now I got 4 more free tickets for my sister, her husband, and her two kids, so my mom has company (and somebody to help her up the stairs), and it didn't cost me a cent (aside from long distance fees)!

I dont' think it clearly says that on that link, but I got it in a season seatholders email.

Your Tiger-Cats are pleased to announce that each Season Seat Holder will have the opportunity to receive up to 10 complimentary tickets to the June 22nd pre-season game against the defending Grey Cup Champion Montreal Alouettes at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

What I thnik Scott meant to say was 'Come and get ‘em First come first served.’

When I called in on the first day, the telephone system told me how many calls were ahead of me in line, a nice touch. I then selected ten tickets in the same Box as my four season tickets… Box J.

As a season ticket holder I really appreciate the opportunity to bring ‘newbies’ from work in a big group (at no cost) to a Wednesday night pre-season game. Montreal Alouettes are a great opponent for the TV watching fan to come and see in person.

I AM IMPRESSED that the front office is making this game into an exciting fan experience, as we introduce a bunch of friends and colleagues to Ivor Wynne, and give us a very creative benefit as season ticket holders. If you were thinking about season tickets, how about it now? You get another ten tickets to the Als pre-season. Seems like a win-win to me!


I think the point Rusty was making is that, being from out of town and therefore not a season ticket holder, he is not eligible to get his money's worth for this preseason game. Sounds like he would like to go to the game, but the team refuses to sell him a ticket.

If I lived a bit closer, I'm sure I'd feel the same way.

I don't know if this line was on the link originally, but it was there when I checked a minute ago:

"Any remaining tickets to the June 22 game will be available to the general public on Friday, June 17. "

Even if this freebie offer "sells out" the game (I don't think it will), I doubt there will be any shortage of tickets being offered near the stadium on game day.

1st of all Rusty is not going to this game. If he picks the one show to go to and he picks an EARLY preseason game then he's not thinking very hard.
Season ticket holders get absolutely nothing from this deal infact I can't even go to the game but I am "working" for the ticats by asking for and distributing 6 tixs to my friends in the hopes that they will enjoy themselves and become season ticket subscribers.
Anyone who cries about this probably moans about everything.

This is a good move by the Cats.

Okay. Hoping for a good game even if preseason. I got my thinking cap on and got in touch with the youth group of a church of mostly NFL fans. Now I'll have 10 teenagers with me who I hope will catch the 'Cats bug.

A church of mostly NFL fans? I thought the “NFL is religion” was just a metaphor…

10 teenagers? Wow you're brave lol. I got 7 tickets, one of which will be going to my brother's girlfriend who will be seeing her first professional football game. She's originally from the US and not much of a sports fan so here's hoping she will become a fan.