Ticats interested in Wake?

Caught this in the main forum. That would be quite a coup !

WAKE turned down a possible 5 year $1million deal.

They also reported that Mr. Ballsie thinks O'Billovich will blow WAKE away with an offer. O'Billovich was the person who brought Wake into the CFL, and had a very good relationship with him.

With Hamilton possibly $700,000 to spend in FA. A good portion of that may be used to steal WAKE away from the Lions or even another NFL team.

That would be great but pretty sure he will be trying the NFL .

There is no question ALL CFL teams would be interested. But put in realistic mode. Only 2 teams would have a chance.

BC LIONS his existing team.

HAMILTON TIGER CATS because they are going to be soooo far away from the cap limit, and O'Billovich in the mix. It's a real possibility.

If Hamilton can make a steep offer to Derek, there is no way Wake would turn down a Tiger Cat offer.

I think Wake was on a two year contract with the Lions. So this is the year he can explore NFL offers, but he is still BC's property for another year, his option year.
It's nice to dream though.

Was there a link to the source of the comment?

No, ron, it seems our Frank here never deigns to provide a source, credible or otherwise.

Yes, and dream you are doing.... WAKE up (pun intended) to reality. There is NO way that Hamilton can keep Printers, Setta, Kenton Keith, AND then sign WAKE for a $mill... No way... :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Going into his option. Not a free agent.

Cameron Wake at 6'3" 241 lb is smaller than most player on our DLine , but he plays like hes seven feet tall. reminds me of Joe Montford not the biggest linemen but one of the best DE to play in this league.

Wake was really mad at the start of this year because he couldn't try out for the NFL. So he's definitely going to make that his first priority this off-season. I'm thinking the NFL will probably want to make him a LB because of his size, and he'd probably be a good fit in a 3-4 rushing off the corner.

In any event, he's not a free agent. He's in his option year, so if he plays in the CFL next year he'll be a BC Lion. Anything after that is too far off to worry about.