Ticats indoor practice facility to be turned into giant marijuana grow op

Headline was too good to pass up as a thread topic.


News came slightly too late to lure Duron Carter here.

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That’s too funny - I thought the headline was a joke!

Sign of the times. Five years ago it would have been a satire piece that probably wouldn’t be very funny because it was too far removed from any conceivable reality.

Personally I’d love to see this burgeoning new industry reclaim unused industrial spaces or benefit struggling agricultural communities, rather than displacing popular recreational and fitness facilities. (Or schools, hospitals, community centres, and any other places that help make a city livable.) But that’s just me.

Can you say “Up in smoke”?

A gift for your lungs from The Goverma Duh Canada.

Everything is going to pot! The Liberals love the tax money and anything to get the vote.

It’s pathetic. Thousands of kids and families use Player’s Paradise for soccer training as well as football practices. It’s a beautiful state of the art facility that has a restaurant and soccer pro shop.

Sad that greed always prevails.

It’s an unfortunate situation however in the news story it did state that the owners previously made several attempts to have the facility sold to local interests and the City of Hamilton all of whom declined to purchase.

Lack of vision, short sighted whatever you wish to call it, it was strictly a business deal, the owners tried to stay in business apparent and they did run the facility for 9 years however needed to sell and for whatever reason No one stepped out to the plate?

So typical only afterwards do they whine and complain.


I’m interested in the last sentence of your post. What about that deal is greed to you?

I suspect the owners will make a lot more money growing pot instead of renting their indoor turf field. Think of the logistics. How many pounds of pot per square foot or rental to soccer or football players. I’m in.

But the owners sold the building to someone else. The new owners will make more money growing pot, yes, but it’s irrelevant who the new owner is. Regardless of what the building was going to be used for, it was going to be sold and people were going to have to find a new place to play soccer/football.

This could speed up the Young/Mitchell plan to put an inflatable dome over THF for the winter. Especially since the team and the City are no longer fighting conflicting lawsuits…

Great money maker & employs thousands in my area

What a great move would that be…it could be used so much more…it’s a win, win, win situation…and Oh no more happy fans enjoying dogs & beer!

It’s called business not greed…and bringing hundreds of jobs doesn’t hurt…I live very close to the village of Smiths Falls…pop.10,000…by winter they plan to have a thousand employees…looking after people & their families are a little more important than of all things kid’s “soccer”??..they can play that anywhere.

Just to be clear on this one, said dome would just cover the field. I don’t believe it would cover the stands (or if it did, likely a very small portion of them). It would likely be like Lamport stadium during the Winter. It’s primary purpose would be as a Winter practice facility and then as a multi-use facility for anyone who rents it.

It’s new business that would give both the city money (as the Ti-Cats would presumably have to pay additional stadium rental costs for the Winter) and the Ti-Cats/Forge get a winter practice facility to better train and evaluate talent (The CanPL I’m to understand will likely start up in April or May so you will want lead up time before the season starts to run a camp) and also rent out the dome to local soccer groups/leagues/academy (of which I don’t doubt the team might eventually consider running).

Hmmmmmm. Maybe the Tiger-Cats will soon be adopting a new team motto:


That’s how you see it. But I’m down there regularly and the place is absolutely bustling with thousands of kids playing and training in this facility which was built and advertised as a state of the art sports complex. Let me repeat that. It was built and advertised as a state of the art sports complex. NOT as some random industrial hole where somebody just happened to lay down some turf. Some of the training that occurs there is at a very high level and accommodates many rep teams. Now they will be displaced into sub-standard facilities if there is even enough room. Many, many parents, children and coaches are distraught over losing this premier facility. I’m hearing it constantly since the announcement. You call that looking after families? Today’s youth need facilities like this in order to learn, develop and stay off their I-Pads. If the City of Hamilton gave a horse’s arse about families then they would have taken over the facility. They’ve pissed away our hard earned tax dollars on all sorts of BS but hey couldn’t come through on this? This was a highly functioning and beautiful building that served families extremely well. The weed grower’s should have taken over one of the derelict brownstones that are available in this city instead of robbing the children. Business be damned. How about our politicians do something moral for once?

Well that’s the way you see it…what you are talking about is fun and leisure…what I’m talking about is good paying , full time jobs for our young people so they can stay in the city…play time is one thing but first people need to make a living and raise those children you are talking about…First you must pay the bills then you play…everyone isn’t as lucky as you that can spend time at a sports complex…most people have 2 jobs and no time!

Well what about the people that worked at Player’s Paradise? The place didn’t just run itself. They will now lose their jobs. Also what about the tenants the ran their businesses out of the complex. Now they will lose their livelihood. And they can’t just relocate since their sales are directly tied to the activities at the complex.

Also it’s not just fun and leisure. There are kids training in there that will go on to earn scholarships as well as potentially playing professional.

The parents that are at the sports complex MAKE the time to be there in order to invest in their children, which is our future.

Bottom line is that if this situation was handled correctly by the upper crust then everyone could have been accommodated and there would be no victims.