Ticats in public

On Friday night I recieved a comment on my Darrent Williams jersey from none other then Jykine Bradley.

I was at Funky Munky bar in hess village when a guy tapped me on the shoulder and told me he liked my jersey (of the former Broncos player who was shot to death-Darrent Williams).

As I engaged in conversation after the comment he told me he was none other then Jykine Bradley (As I did not recognize him).

He was a great guy and I talked to him about football for about 5-10 minutes.

If anyone has any similar stories of meeting their football heroes off field in public this is the forum to share them in.

*Please note Jykine was a gentleman and on his best behaviour.

The only club worth a darn at hess is sizzle....funky monkey is the biggest dump. I hope u like holding in your human waste cause you wouldn't catch me peeing in that cess pool of a washroom.

but, regarding your question. I once saw John Avery at 'Squeeze' in Missisauga and recognized him. I walked up and shook his hand and told him i was a big fan. I then asked him 'how many homeruns do u think you're gonna hit this year?'......he didn't fidn it very funny.

8) I once met Neil Lumsden in Mapleview Mall in Burlington !!!!!! :wink: :wink:

In July 1992 I was at Center Mall in Hamilton a few hours before the game that day (Sask@Ham) and ran into John Gregory. My friend Ian and I were walking along and I noticed John walking toward the area we were. Very nice guy.

Inaslump either works at Sizzle or isn't from Hamilton.

I remember meeting a bunch of Ti-Cats when they won the Grey Cup in '99. They were all very personable, and seemed very proud of Hamilton and our strong fanbase.

Last year, at a local gym, I shared a barbell weight station with Jesse Lumsden who was working out at the time (obviously). (Ryan Donnelly works at the same place as a personal trainer). I have to admit for a guy who is a big and fast tailback, Jesse seemed to have awfully skinny calves.

Dre is half correct. I am not from Hamilton. Make no mistake, funky monkey can be a fun time, i've been and will probably go again. But u cant deny that's it's a very dumpy bar that is poorly maintained and doesn't have the facilities to properly accomodate the people it takes in.

..oh yeah, I almost forgot, former Ticat, Mike Samples (I'm dating myself here) also works out at the same gym. Also last year, I played a round of golf at King's Forest GC behind a foursome that included Ben Zambiasi (still in good shape). Haven't been going there regularly of late, so I'm not sure about the current coaching staff, but when Ronnie Lancaster was HC, I would see him and some of his assistants at Derosa's Bakery (corner of Sanford and Wilson) waiting in line to order lunch. I'm really going to date myself here....for few days back in when I was in high school, Henry Waszczuk, subbed in for my math teacher who was off sick.

i once saw DJ Flick at Lime-Ridge mall when he was still with us

and my father has talked to and worked out with Jonta Woodard numerous of times

Joe Paopao was at the IGA in Waterdown today.

thats funnyi also seen them at hess jykine and tad kornegay were togther after our first win of the seaosn i tlked to them abit n got them into G&G

I was working out at a gym in hamilton, I will not say the name because they ripped me off and I dont want to give them any free advertising but anyways I was doing preacher curls and Joe Montford started doing dumbell curls beside me, one of the biggest set of arms I have seen, except for mine of course 8)