Ticats in Ottawa - Week 18

Huge game!

Ottawa wins and the East is all but set. Hamilton wins and they're still down but 1st place is VERY possible with an easier schedule than Ottawa in Week 19 and 20.

Toronto is all but dead.

Toronto can only be alive if they win and Hamilton loses . Any other scenerio they are toast.

But even then, because Toronto loses the Tie Breaker to Hamilton, Hamilton would need to lose all 3 remaining games - feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Kevin there was already a thread on this


My bad. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not sure what you are saying , but to summarize , the only way T.O. can finish ahead of Ham. is if TO wins both their last two games and Ham. loses their last three. Any other scenerio they (T.O) are done. Cheers

Agree. :thup:

Sadly, it's all but next-year time for the Argos.

Still, should be an exciting battle for 1st in the East and then to see if either Hamilton or Ottawa can stop the Eskimos (or Lions) in the playoffs. :thup:

PinkBlacks score first.


The ORB pivot tossed a major from behind centre on offence, eh?

10-3, Ottawa


Ticats 6
ORBs 20

Crazy game. What is the status of ZC?

27-12 at the half.

I love the CFL on days like today.

In the States, they'd be running the ball on every play. But these guys are slingin' it all over the place.

If I didn't know better I'd think that the coaching staffs were unaware that it's pouring down rain and windy as heck.

Good game but Hamilton needs a break. Come on, boys. We need this win.

Did anyone ever get an explanation for the game overlap?

I said we needed a break and got 2. Let's hope we score.

Unbelievable. :thdn:

Mr Austin looking none too happy on the sidelines.

Whoaaaa, QB sack.

That will make him happier.


If Hamilton wins in OT, how does the playoff possibilities look?