TiCats in on John Chick

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Sounds likes the #Ticats are interested in recently-released DE John Chick. Hamilton had a big offer to Shawn Lemon on the table.

He has connections with Austin and Tillman

34 years old
salary cap?

If we cant keep Hickman then im all for this, this guy is a force on the DL, 33 or not

Unfortunately, with these salary dumps and Chris Jones' agressive and questionable character, I can see him going after Ted Laurent and some other pricey, high-profile free agents.

He's already angered Redblack fans by (supposedly) signing Shawn Lemon, given his early release to try out for the NFL.

Oh well... salary cap be damned :frowning:

Chick might be a good fit as a stopgap style of player considering that Hickman is a pending FA and Norwood with his ACL injury could be out and most likely not ready for the start of the season. The only other two import DEnds currently on the roster are Adrian Tracey and Anthony Davis, so we are relatively thin at this position especially if we lose Hickman to FA or the club decides not to re-sign him. Even if we only get a year or two out of Chick it might be worth looking into providing the price is right.

Adrian Tracey is a beast, and resigned so were good with him. Id rather put the money into Hickman tbh

Finding quality dends is the same as finding quality American wr's... Like fishing for ducks in tub or whatever that saying is..

John Chick used to be one of the best pass rushers. if 4 the right price i am all for it

$'s & cap hit are definitely the biggest question I am sure.

My question is whether Chick fits into Steinhauer’s defensive scheme. Coach O likes to peel his DE’s back into coverage quite a bit while he brings pressure from other positions like LB & Safety. In my humble opinion, Chick isn’t that type of athlete or player to be able to drop back into coverage.

That being said, perhaps Coach O’s scheme & strategy is out of necessity rather than desire. Perhaps if he had a significant & stud pass rusher on one or both of the edges, ge wouldn’t have to dial up more elaborate defensive pressure schemes.

Ideally you’d like to be able to rush four & drop eight if you can get the pressure.

Again, just not sure if Chick suits Orlando’s approach or fits with the rest of the defensive unit’s skills.

To me he’s very one dimensional. Getting a little long in the tooth & carries a higher price tag.

“To me he’s very one dimensional. Getting a little long in the tooth & carries a higher price tag.”

I agree with you. Great player in his day, but his day is getting shorter. I suspect other teams will be willing to pay more than the Ticats will or should, and I’m fine with it either way.

Of course the TiCats are in on John Chick. The only team not in on John Chick is Saskatchewan.

Chick is not a stop gap. Chick is the best. If anyone wants to argue that Bowman or Hughes are better ends, I'll hear those arguments, they are fair debate, but anyone who thinks Chick is not top 3 doesn't know the position well enough.

Chick is STILL one of the best pass rushers. Bowman and Hughes are better pure pass rushers, but Chick does more and is asked to do more than just pass rush. Even last year with all the double teaming and the LOUSY defensive scheme he was still in the top 5 in sacks.

If there is ANY DC out there that can't 'fit' Chick into his scheme he should be fired.

Actually, Chick's strength is his versatility. He can pass rush, he can contain, he can stunt to cover any gap. He can and will do anything you ask him. He's in the best shape of his life (this is well documented in many interviews that you can view in video on riderville throughout last season). In fact the reason that his sack totals were down this year was the fact that he was asked to stunt into other gaps often and was given many other assignments that prevented him from chasing down the QB. If his assignment was to get the QB on every play he'd be in the backfield every 2 or 3 downs. However, if that is how you would use Chick, then you would be missing out on his run defense and containment abilities.

Chick is THE MOST schemed for defensive player in the league. Every OC that plans for Saskatchewan, his first priority is 'ok, what the hell do we do about Chick?' Chick has been THE MOST double teamed player in the league over the past 2 seasons and he's STILL among the sack leaders even while playing for a crappy team. His fundamentals are perfectly sound. He's a consummate pro always in shape. He is not in decline, he is in his prime. He is respected by everyone around him. He is a perfect teammate. The guy is a rock and has every intangible imaginable. He is extremely determined. Put an impossible stone wall in front of him, turn your back for a second and he WILL BE on the other side just because you told him he couldn't do it. Trust me. I've watched almost every down that the man has played since he got here in 2007 and I have seen almost every interview he has given. He is a super player AND a super person.

You want John Chick. He is better than any other DE you have, and that is NO slight against the talented guys that you already do have. If you don't want Chick, you are a fool. Chris Jones is the fool.

What you may have missed in FenderGuy69's question is that one of the tasks that Steinauer asks of his defensive ends is to drop into pass coverage, covering a running back or FB/TE on their pass routes. We've seen Hickman, Norwood, Tracy, etc. all dropping 15 to 20 yards downfield at times, while a linebacker, DB or safety is on a pass rush.

So the question is, can Chick act like a DB?

Not sure what the logic of dropping a DE back into coverage is?
Also don't like Orlando's habit of rushing less than 4, especially at the end of games. It almost always results in a long gain for the opposition.

Personally, I don't understand it either, other than confusing opposing blockers. But given that's something our coaches want our DEs to do, it limits who we can sign at that position.

And I agree with you about the three-man rush. From what I've seen, the prevent defence only prevents the defence from preventing the offence from scoring. (And if half of you understand that half as well as I do, I didn't do a half bad job stating it.)

Because that's how Gascon-Nadon should have had the game sealing pick in the East Final. It's done because the QB never accounts for the end when making coverage reads before the snap. He's looking at the DBs and LBs. With all the blitzing these days, so many play calls are 'hot' reads. The QB reads a blitz in the pre snap, audibles hot, drops back 2 steps and fires to the pre determined spot before the blitz has a chance. That hot spot has to be close to the LoS because the receivers have no time to get down the field yet. If the DC can find consistent hot spots in the film, he can drop the end into the spot and the QB never reads it.

On the question of whether Chick can perform a hot drop: Can he drop back 5 or 6 yards and wait for the ball to hit him? Probably the easiest assignment an end can get. Remember, this isn't really a coverage assignment (which would be difficult for ANY end) this is a 'mess-up-the-QBs-read' assignment. The downside of this is that if they DON'T throw there, you're wasting your end and sacrificing pass rush and/or contain, so you have to pick your spots and time the playcall right.

Personally I hate it but it's probably more to confuse the olineman and their blocking assignment than the QB.

I'd rather have my best rusher trying to get to the qb.

As for Chick There's no room for him if Norwood is good to go and Hickman gets resigned.

I don't mind a DE occasionally dropping into the "hot" spot.
But I don't really want to see Eric Norwood covering a receiver 30 or 40 yards downfield like he did a couple of times last year.

Hickman also did it a few times in the 2011 EDSF (found multiple references to it in the game day thread), so it's not just Austin and Steinauer calling this.

Didn't like it then either.

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@garylawless - John Chick is going to sign with #Ticats. Says deal all but done. #CFL

This is an insurance signing, Knorwood will not be ready and who knows if Hick is coming back.

I guess Drew has confirmed it

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#Ticats agree to terms with @johnchick97: sources #CFL


[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have agreed to term with international defensive end John Chick, according to multiple sources.

The 33-year-old was an all-star in 2014, amassing 11 sacks and has 53 quarterback takedowns over his six years in the CFL. The 6-foot-4, 250 pound Wyoming native has also spent time with the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL.

Chick was released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Jan. 14 in a cost-cutting move after the team tried re-negotiate his reported $260,000 a year contract. Terms of Chick’s deal with the Ticats were not immediately available.

Chick has a close relationship with Ticats general manager and head coach Kent Austin as well as director of U.S. scouting Eric Tillman. Both were with the Riders in 2007 when Chick came into the league and won the first of his two Grey Cup championships.

Chick fills a definite need at defensive end for the Ticats. With Justin Hickman set to hit free agency on Feb. 9 and Eric Norwood facing a long rehab from the knee injury he suffered in the East semi-final, the team was without a proven pass rusher.

But the team still has a number of key players – including high profile Canadians Ted Laurent, Andy Fantuz and Courtney Stephen – slated to hit the open market and the numbers surrounding Chick’s deal will be key.[/b]

Good signing, This shouldn't affect signing Ted Laurent as they play different positions on the D Line.