It would appear that we are in trouble with respect to our non import to import ratio ...

Our Canadian content is very very weak after losing BAUMANN , and Reid and letting go Gauthier , D'angeles .

D'angels was our starting field goal kicker and kickoff guy , Gauthier starting left tackle and Baumann was our 5th receiver and Reid potentially the starting DT .

I understand KIRK can play DT and maybe CARTER can be our 5th receiver but it appears we will need to replace GAUTHIER and D'angelos with importrs

This means there will need to be other spots that require and american to sit in favor of a Canadian ..

Any thoughts or ideas ?

I know we have 1 receiver in stalla, 4 olineman , 1 fullback or 5th receiver ( Carter ) , 1 ratio buster at corner back in Hinds , 1 safety in BARKER

i suppose they might go with 2 Defensive tackles ?

they are essentially adding to import starters over what they had last year at place kicker and Offensive tackle

from reading the articles it looks like they are trying to save money on D'angelo's salary to bring in american players getting ansy to play football ? they should have alotr of extra money with d;angelo , gauthier and floyd off the books and i am sure a veteran like Hudson made ok money

Carter will be the 5th receiver. So you have 2 receivers, 3 O-linemen, 1 defensive lineman, 1 corner, 1 Safety. That's 8, Don't you only need 7?

Not really you need need Backup for all them
Cause people will get hurt
Football is not a Hitting sport
it a collision Spot

The Canadian Depth is a a Issue.

Yes but wouldn't starting 8 Canadians as opposed to 7 sort of negate that (Only to a certain extent)?

not really cause give Flexably to bring in another import into the lineup if someone gets hurt

But only 1 if lose two your up the creek with out a Paddle

I believe our FB will also be a non-import

With 3 designated import spots, using 1 of them on a K/P is not a big deal as far as the ratio goes.
Just means you have 1 less import backup.
Having a reliable guy at that spot is worth it.