Bombers' Taman is Ticats' top pick
to groom team as new GM:

National Post Matthew Sekeres

Monday, November 26, 2007

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I always take what ex-Ottawa sports writer
Matthew Sekeres says with a grain of salt but

here goes, quote 'sources tell the National Post

that Taman is the leading candidate and
that the job is his to take or leave.

Taman has one year remaining on his contract in Winnipeg,
but could always resign to take the Tiger-Cats job.

There was speculation this week that the Blue Bombers
planned on denying permission to speak with Taman,

which would setup an interesting scenario.

[b]Taman would certainly have to
be confident in his chances

to resign his post just to
talk with the Tabbies.'[/b]

Complicating things...

The team is moving from community ownership
to private ownership but when does that occur?

Will the new regime bring in a new CEO
for Lyle Bauer and therefore make
Brendan's future less secure?

[b]Ticats hot for Taman?

Winnipeg Sun

Haven't contacted Bombers yet,
but are expected to make pitch soon[/b]

Kirk Penton Sun Media

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Bombers president and CEO Lyle Bauer said
Tiger-Cats president Scott Mitchell

had not called him to ask for permission
as of yesterday afternoon.

"I saw Scott Mitchell in Toronto (at the Grey Cup),
and nothing was said," Bauer said.

"I'm not going to comment on speculation."

Thanks for posting this.
Hmmm. The situation gets murkier. This is not the first time the National Post has pegged (:wink: sorry 'bout that) Brendan Taman as the favourite.
C'mon December 1st!

Here's what I find suspect: "sources tell the National Post"

What CFL insider would speak to the National Post of all papers??

Madjack: Every beat reporter has "sources" so you will never find out. If the "source" is disclosed that shuts off the reporter. If the "source" is wrong then the reporter looks bad. So its a balancing act for the reporter. If the source has been right before its worth a shot.
People like to be sources. Makes 'em feel good without the responsibility of being quoted. Some do it because they have an axe to grind. Others have different agendas.
In my experience, most of the time "sources" are only partly right. For the reporter, checking out the sources information sometimes unintentionally reveal the source of the info so they can't always do that.
Its a jungle out there.

Oh I know all that, mr62cats; my question wasn't about the existence of "sources", heck even Marty York has them, but rather was directed at the National Post. If I was a CFL insider wanting to anonymously get some information out there, the National Post is not the paper I'd choose to leak to.

The Nat'l Post does give decent coverage to the CFL so it wouldn't surprise me if they were privy to leaked info. Now the Glob and Mule is another story...

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, hopefully we'll hear soon as to how all this plays out. Rita, Obie, Taman.....or some mystery candidate perhaps?

Taman is not the answer. The Bombers are a team largely stocked with rejects from other teams, and only a few strong players here and there.

Would they have made the Grey Cup at all if Popp didn't make some stupid coaching decisions in the semi-final, and the Argos had any offence at all?

I would hardly characterize the team that Brendan Taman assembled as "rejects." He did manage to lure a highly sot after free-agent in Barrin Simpson, and had the brains to pick up a quality receiver in Terrance Edwards. Not to mention a solid defensive end in Tom Canada. Oh yeah, and also fortified their defense by convincing Juran Bolden and Ike Charlton to return from the NFL for the stretch run. And that Kevin Glenn, he is terrible too. Who would trade for that guy?

Yeah, those Grey Cup finalists ... what a bunch of "rejects."


C'mon, you can't seriously view him as a bad general manager can you?

If you ask me, the Ticats would be in a great situation if they could manage to pry Taman away from the Bombers. Not only do you get a GM with a good eye for talent, he is also young, and already has a solid relationship with Scott Mitchell. Combine that with Mitchell's connections with Gill Scott, and the deep pockets of Bob Young, it looks like a great combination to attract high-end coaches and free agents.

But what do I know? I am a short, skinny white guy who has never played a lick of college football in my life!

  • paul

Taman doesn't want to leave Winnipeg -- "Not particularly, no," he said -- and he still yearns to get the Bombers their first Grey Cup since 1990.

"I came here to do a job that I wanted to finish," said Taman, who was the team's director of player personnel when it lost to Calgary in the 2001 Grey Cup.

This was from Winnipeg Sun you posted Ron.
Taman is not the answer .. Obie is IMO.

I think Taman's quote is him not wanting to get in trouble with the league because the Bombers have not, and don't plan to, give the Ticats permission to speak with him.

Also, it could be a nice way to get a raise out of the new ownership group should he choose to stay. So I wouldn't put much faith in his quote.

I like Obie as much as anyone. I just am a little skeptical of a 67 year old man navigating through the SMS era of the CFL and is someone who hasn't been a GM in the league in a long time. I could be wrong about that though ...

Either way, I trust Scott Mitchell to make the right decision.

  • paul

dear onknight, what do you expect BT to say to the media the day after the team he built came up short on the biggest stage-yeah i do hate it here, i need a new challenge? . if a deal that is too good to pass up comes along-and he will find out about the offer from the cats shortly-do we really think that he won’t listen? if SM thinks that BT is his guy, there is nothing to the opposite to say that BT won’t be your GM soon.i think we all know that $$ is no object.
remember what nick saban said,“i am not the new coach at alabama”. we all know what happened just days after that…or weeks, or months-i’m not sure.
alot of signs at this point suggest that BT is the guy.
1-he and SM are tight
2-gil scott represents BT
3-gil scott and SM are tight
4-greg marshall is long, long overdue to be a HC
5-BT is way younger than obie and adam and knows his way around a computer
6-do i need to say more?
SM is just saying that there are more candidates because he has to,he can’t just make it seem that he has tunnel vision for one guy because people like you want to see obie here whether he is the right guy
or not.
i would be really surprised if BT is not a ticat soon,if they don’t get permission from bauer, i could see GIL whispering in BT’S ear about SM’S offer.,which will blow BT away enough for him to resign.
city legend