Ticats host the East Final

The loss by MTL today clinches 1st in the East for us

We will host MTL, EDM or BC at THF Sunday NOV. 17th


So the East isn’t wide open anymore?


Earliest clinching ever? Has to be close.


The “BIG” question is: Is Coach O going to pull Evans for the last 3 remaining games or

leave him exposed to injury???

What do you think???

He still needs the reps, I believe. The more experience the better.

Watch for the head hunters.


We even win on a bye week!! ;D

Each Ticat just got $7000 guaranteed

[tr][td]First Place Standing (Bye)[/td]
[tr][td]Semi-Final Participation[/td]
[tr][td]Division Championship Participation[/td]
[tr][td]Grey Cup Runner-up[/td]
[tr][td]Grey Cup Winner[/td]

Reilly out with a broken wrist, I was really hoping BC would make some noise down the stretch but the QB injury bug has finally caught up with Reilly, he must be devastated.
Will be either MTL or EDM meeting us in the final

The H@LL with the more experience, I don’t want to be in the playoffs with Watford QBing.

Nothing motivates like $$$. $16K more!

You can’t go into the game thinking you are going to be injured. And I can’t see sitting your starter for three games, plus a bye week, a month of inactivity? On the other hand, you don’t want to subject your players to unnecessary risks. Going to be a tough call, but I would certainly play my starters at least part of every game.

My bet is, Evans starts each of the last 3 games, Moore gets significant time against Toronto.

Who/when to rest sounds like a fan-world only problem that doesn’t actually exist.

Not enough guys on the roster to rest everyone.

Not going to be BC - certainly not the way this EE/BC is going. It’s turned into quite the nasty game though.

I agree. He still has only 10-11 games of experience as a starter and the playoffs can be a totally different animal. The more reps the better. Maybe pull him late in games where the outcome is not in question - like vs Ottawa and TO.