Ticats hoping to claw past semifinal hump in 2011

Ticats hoping to claw past semifinal hump in 2011

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[i]Tiger-Cats general manager Bob O’Billovich is confident his team can get over the first-round hump this season.

“I feel really good about this year,? he said Wednesday on a conference call. “Honestly, there are just some special vibes that I think are going on.?...

...“I think I’m more excited about this season than any of the seasons since I’ve been here,? said O’Billovich, who became GM in 2007. “I’ve got a sense about this team that’s being developed. We’ve had some good off-season signings with free agents.

“We’ve improved our roster in a lot of different areas.?[/i]

"Special vibes"? I'm feelin' it! You feelin" it?

Should be an improved team. Offensively, we've improved with the acquisitions of Cobourne and Wayne Smith.

Defensively, we'll have Baggs right from training camp, and perhaps an even better MLB in Renauld Williams.

Kicking should be better too.

Improvements all around, and i really don't see any backwards steps in terms of losing talent. Maintaining continuity by keeping the strong core intact is very important.

The only question marks I have are for the new OC and DC, and to stay optimistic, if they turn out to be an improvement ( Following Greg Marshall is a tough act!), then watch out for a terriffic season!

( On a side note, really enjoying Drew Edwards' work! :thup: )

I have to agree with Obie and Captain on this, we had some weaknesses that Obie addressed and if we stay healthy, this team can go all the way!! :thup:

I'm suddenly reminded of that song Alice the Camel.

Ya think?

It is imperative for the Cats to be participating in the Eastern Final.

Anything less would be a major disappointment.

You think they have cleaned house since last November ... it will be likened to an enema if they don't surpass last years performance.

I wouldn't rule out a first place finish, but you're right, even if they don't finish first, anything other than a win in the East final should be considered a failed season.

Expectations are higher and pressure is on this year.

Anything short of an East Final is a failed season. I'd have to actually witness that game to qualify the season based on its outcome. Finishing 3rd is a failure, finishing second is a qualified success/failure and winning is a success. We aren't in a position to consider a finals loss a failure but hopefully that will change

Oops! I meant to say, "...even if they don't finish first, anything other than a win in the East semi-final should be considered a failed season"

I agree

What if they finish 3rd, but get to the East Final?

Depends on how bad a regular season resulted in a 3rd place finsish. I would tend to call it a disappointment that isn't really offset by the win. Looking at the Argos last season for example, I can't see how I'd see it, if I was an Argo fans, as anything but a disappointing season even with the win in Hamilton