TiCats holding Hamilton Amateur Coaching Clinic

TiCats giving back to the Game and Community, The TiCat way! :thup:

John Lashway ?@johnlashway 51m51 minutes ago
#Ticats coaches spending Saturday hosting a clinic for Hamilton amateur football coaches. Great day ahead!

John Lashway ?@johnlashway 36m36 minutes ago
#Ticats Kent Austin kicks off the Hamilton amateur football coaches clinic. One of finest head coaches I've known

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats 20m20 minutes ago
Coach Austin kicking off the 2016 #Ticats Coaching Clinic, presented by @TurkstraLumber.

That would have been amazing to be there..

I went to one the Ticats held at IWS in 1994, and it was also held in the Ticat locker room.

I also won a brand new nylon track suit from Reebok! They had a bunch of stuff they raffled off to us. It was a fun day.

Heh CFF, nice to see you back..

Thanks Ryan, that means a lot.

Although we greatly disagree on the ratio, you're one of my fav people here. :slight_smile: