Ticats Hire Marshall as DC


here's a new Marshall in Tigertown.

The Tiger-Cats have hired veteran Winnipeg defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall to the same post here, according to sources.

Marshall, who has spent four seasons as linebacker coach and defensive co-ordinator with the Blue Bombers and is regarded as one of the keenest defensive minds in the Canadian Football League, replaces Denny Creehan. Creehan, who oversaw a defence that struggled in 2008, was named last month as head coach at West Virginia Wesleyan Colleg

Good signing. I have high hopes for the Ticats this year. I think if Marcel (i can't spell his last name) doesn't try to run the whole offence and instead sticks to doing the whole head coaching thing they have a very good chance. I have always thought that Marcel would be a better Head Coach then an Offensive Coordinator. I hope he proves me right. Just not against the Riders.

I'm finally beginning to have real hope about Hamilton! You guys might finally have a chance to win a few, but remember, it takes 3 years to go all the way. I say you could be contenders in 4, minimum. If this coaching staff is as good as I think it is. Imagine the pride of Young if his team wins 3 games. :cowboy:

Here's hoping for an Eskimo-Tabbie Grey Cup in three years, cause I think it'll take that long for Richie Hall as well unfortunately. Eskies'll win of course!

Hope Ricky Ray's there too, love that guy. Now if only we could get a run game? With a strong D-man as HC could this be the year Ricky finally gets a break? Help the O-line! Get a run game Eskimos! :cowboy:

It's a good signing IMO, was kinda hoping the Riders might pick him up. It's too bad you didn't bring him in 1 year earlier.

Good signing, but I`m still taking a wait and see approach... Too many times the Cats have let me down.

Marshall's a good coach, but nobody can turn lead into gold. It's a good start, now go get some new players.

...the competition just got better.....good luck to Greg ...except when he plays the BigBlue of course.... :wink:

The pass rush is what needs the most improving. The linebackers are decent and the secondary is fine.

593 points against (33/game) is way out there, 200 more than the contenders last season.

Much work is going to be needed, more than just the line. A conservative estimate, imo, would be 4 to 5 new starters on that defence.