Ticats hire Khari Jones as QB coach/to name DC by week's end


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i think the hiring of KJ is a good one, finally a plethora of experience set to guide the cats attack. make no mistake though, KJ, like DMAC before him are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to "teaching" the guy who first of all probably thinks his position coach doesn't have any more knowledge about the position that he himself doesn't already have.secondly, we're talking about a guy who already had his nose out of joint about not living up to expectations-we're talking about "teaching" a guy who doesn't feel like he needs to be taught-let's be honest here, i can't remember him coming off the field once and looking for DMAC when DMAC was coaching from the bench. remember fans we're talking about the hands down winner of the "biggest jerk" award in the cfl as voted on by fans and media-and probably even players.

good luck KJ, hopefully you can focus your attention on a young QB who will be looking for you when he comes off the field. then and only then will the cats be benefitting from your great cfl experience.


There’s a lot of emotion in pro sports… and to suggest that after a bad play a QB comes to the sidelines and immediately looks for a coach so he can discuss it is crazy talk. CP has shown nothing but class towards the coaching staff and fellow players on his team since arriving here. The hate becomes more evident each day and its really frustrating to see people rip his character because they dont like the way the team played. Perhaps KJ will help CP regain his own form, perhaps he wont… but it seems you already have your mind made up when it comes to your feelings on CP.

it's not bad hire by The Ticats to hire Jones.
I think there where better choices out there.
Personally I l think Matt Dungan would have been a better Choice
But he has already said he don't like printers. so no way the Ticats hire him.

I hope the DC is named this week ..
Really see the Direction of our Defence.

I agree with you in part about Casey ...I think that publicly he has handled things quite well. But we don't see what he is like in the locker room. I still don't think the other players have much use for him so something is not clicking.
Also...I don't think you should be using the word "hate" when describing your assessment of other posters. Just because they dislike Casey and use words like "jerk" does not mean they hate him. Save that kind of a word for something much more serious.....football forums don't mean much when you see whats going in the rest of the world.

I think Kari is a good hire as a QB coach. He is young and has a great experience at the position and understands current CFL defenses. A good fit. I am anxious to know wo the DC will be, that is a hire that can have a big impact on free agency as well as performance next season.

Regarding Casey. I would hope that fans know by now that the problem is not at the QB position. I mean how many have we seen in Hamilton. Football is the ultimate team sport, lets get the Oline coached and strenghtened, add some experience at the receiver position and design a playbook that complements the players there.

So what happens to Danny? Is he still going to be involved in QB Coaching as well or he is going to be focused more on shadowing Gibson?

Another STUPID move by the Ticats in not making Danny Mac the QB coach what a slap in the face for Danny
I just don't understand the logic signing Khari over Danny :thdn: :lol:


Already saying it is a stupid move. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Ever think that Danny may not have wanted the job in the first place? Seems like everytime the Ticats do something it is rediculed and shot down. Well did you ver consider the fact that they are hiring from information that you are not privy to? Or do you have information that Danny wanted the job but they gave it to Khari instead. Hmmm?


You're right, we don't. So do you really think it's fair to speculate on what he is like in the locker room?? I don't understand the people who continue to trash Casey for his "attitude problem" he hasn't had one since he came here. He may have said and done immature things IN THE PAST, but he hasn't shown any negative attitude since he's been here that I've seen. AS for the players not having use for him, would you like it if a guy to paid more in one year than you did on the entire multi-year contract you just signed?? Probably not. I've seen him interact with several players (Richie Williams for one) and I haven't seen any of the animosity people speak of.

To say that Casey can't be taught is a pure crock of BS. Not only did he spend time on the sidelines learning, he also sat up in the booth learning. Give the guy a break.

I welcome any coach who can help us out and I think the kids we have can learn a lot from a guy like Khari. Danny said he wanted to move into the scouting area rather than coaching.

… From a Ken Peters Nov. 27th Hamilton Spectator column:

"[i][Marcel] Cat head coach will look first at filling offensive co-ordinator’s job.

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has pegged the insertion of
a new offensive co-ordinator as his first hiring priority.

Bellefeuille, who was promoted from that same position
in September after Charlie Taaffe started 2-8,

was still doing the job at season’s end,

assisted by former Tiger-Cat offensive
and quarterback coach Danny McManus.

But McManus, who wants to remain with the organization,
prefers to focus on the personnel side of the operation

rather than return as a coach, leaving the position vacant.[/i]"

Care to change your mind ?

I remember Dan saying he didnt want to be called coach, so maybe he didnt want the job. Dan was a quiet person. I really think it was Dans job if he wanted it. I felt he did a supper job with the young QBs last year.

I wonder what kind of working relationship Jones and Gibson have. Gibson was OL coach for the Bombers in 2001, but I think Jones was gone by the time Gibson returned to be OC for the Bombers.

Starting last year we hired Danny, this year Khari.

I can't remember if the Ticats have ever had a coach
whose full duties were to coach our quarterback before.

I am sure this will pay dividends down the line,

Kudos to our current management!

Khari is a classy articulate man with a wealth of current knowledge
of CFL Offences and Defences and especially the Quarterbacking position.

The QBs will respect that and learn a lot from him.


I am sure Marcel discussed hiring Khari with Mike Gibson
and Mike gave Khari a strong endorsement, safetyblitz.

We have to let Danny McManus choose the way in which he helps our beloved Tiger-Cats. I'm all for that. On the other hand, I don't see how Khari Jones can help us. Never liked him as a QB, whether with Winnipeg, or with us. I confess to being totally in the dark as to the deliberations that brought Khari back to us. For me, this hiring requires a great leap of faith. I believe in Marcel Bellefeuille. I believe in Bob O'Billovich. Ergo, I guess I have to believe in Khari Jones as QB coach. Time will tell the whole tale. I await further evidence. It's a long wait. The winter is cold and dark, but training camp is only six months away.

i was just saying that i've watched my fair share of qbs coming off the field when they struggle, even when they're not, its common sense for them to come off and go to another set of eyes who can help them out but i just never saw casey come off and do that. are you saying he really doesn't need to do that cuz he's too good because thats clearly not the case. i'm not bashing him, i'm just stating facts that not many players on his team have much use for him and no you don't need a source on this one because i'm not going to give you one. as for danny, he does not want to coach right now, period, his feelings have not been hurt by this.

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I'm happy :thup:

Welcome Khari

Welcome back Khari :thup: