Ticats hire Greg Marshall as DC; part ways with Dan Rambo


Getting Marshall into the fold is a big relief.

He is right up to speed on designing
and game planning CFL defences.

Just what we need.

Apparently, his long-time D-line coaching partner
will be staying with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

I don't mind that Rambo is not returning.

With a possible spot for him with the Ottawa franchise looming
his allegiance to the Tiger Cats will get harder for him to maintain.

Dennis Polian can't match Rambo's contacts in the U.S. though.

I would like Obie to hire a veteran player personnel guy
with more experience and contacts in the USA and in Canada.

Danny Mc Manus will benefit by getting out in the field scouting
to get a good grounding for his future in management in the CFL.

but the team will really miss his influence on the field.

8) Good news regarding the Marshall signing. As far as Dan Rambo is concerned, I don't think he will be missed at all. His name was not even mentioned during this past season, and I actually wonder if he was even still working for the Cats during the last half of the season. His great contacts sure didn't get us too many good import players during last season, especially on the D Line.
  As a side note, Marcel confirmed this morning on the radio that Otis Floyd is still not a TiCat !!  While the Cats are definitely interested in signing him, so are a few other teams  !!!

 Marcel also stated that negotiations with free agent Setta are continuing, and that the Cats definitely want him back !!

Marshall's signing is great news, he is a proven and experienced defensive coordinator that will bring stability to our defense.

The signing of Greg Marshall (Version 2.0) should result in an improved Ticat defence.

The apparent termination of Director of Player Personnel Dan Rambo is somewhat perplexing. The reason given is that Rambo spends too much time at his Ottawa home and Ticat GM Bob O’Billovich wants his player personnel staff with him at the Ticat offices. When Rambo was hired in Aug/07, the Ticats announced that Rambo was developing a comprehensive player data base. Did the team follow through with this project? If so, would it really matter whether Rambo was in Hamilton, Ottawa or any other location? And will the Ticats be able to use and operate the computer data base now that Rambo is leaving?


Ticats part ways with Dan Rambo. Not sure what Rambo brought to the table - as previously noted in anoter post, Mike Mc Carthy has a proven track record with the ability to find the diamonds in the ruff.

If Obie was wise - he would contact Mike immediatey.

I highly doubt that Rambo's contacts in the US trump the contacts of Polian's dad, Bill....GM and President of the Indianapolis Colts

Good hire re Greg Marshall (the other)
A steady hand is just what this team need on defence. Obie will continue to bring in some talent and Marshall has a history of creating a strong defensive unit.
As long as we have aggressive and consistent defensive play and are competitive in 2009, that will be a huge step forward. We could soon be back in the playoffs for a change. :rockin:
I am an Obie fan....just look at where we are after only one year since his arrival. Proven quality people on the coaching staff and some hope for the future. Now lets see who he brings in to training camp.

With Marshall leading the defence,perhaps some free agents will consider following him to Hamilton.The same could be said for our offensive coordinator.The Riders have lots of free agents who might consider the TiCats who appear to be close to respectable. Maybe the Cats will be known as the Miami Fish of the North in 2009.From nowhere to the playoffs can be done. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Re: Rambo

Apparently, Obie felt Dan's usefulness to us maxed out
with the computer data base of American prospects

he set up for us from the data he brought with him
from the San Diego Chargers and added to while here.

In answer to your question TCTD

" will the Ticats be able to use and operate the
computer data base now that Rambo is leaving?"

I believe that that data in our Tiger Cat computers
is our property and Obie and Dennis will be able to

make very good use of it and add to it.

footballbuff, contacts aren't just names and telephone numbers,
they are relationships that are developed and nurtured over years.

IMO, his dad Bill's references will only be slightly more than 'cold calls'

The football people Dennis meets going about his business with the Tiger Cats
and develops his own relationship with will be the ones he can depend on to help him.

Let's just say Obie and Mike 'have a history,' armchair,

otherwise Obie would have kept him on staff this past year

Maybe they'll hire Mike McCarthy back it would be a good move IMO

footballbuff, contacts aren't just names and telephone numbers,
they are relationships that are developed and nurtured over years.

IMO, his dad Bill's references will only be slightly more than 'cold calls'
I think that you're completely off here. Polian's Dad has been around the NFL for a long time, so I don't think his relationships are just a little better than 'cold calls'. I just don't see those types of relationships (cold calls) forming with the GM of a recent Super Bowl winner and consistent NFL powerhouse over the last decade. Don't forget, he was also in the CFL with Winnipeg as well.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Don't count on Mike McCarthy taking over for Rambo.

As indicated in a previous post...Mike and Obie aren't exactly big fans of one another.

From what I understand Mike was a little peeved that he wasn't offered the GM position with the team prior to Obie's arrival.

Having said that...stranger things have happened. Perhaps as professional football men they can put aside their differences for the betterment of the organization as it would be great to have Mike M. back in the fold.

why is it that we hire people who Burn Bridges…
Mike great football Guy
We lose a good football guy
obie needs to drop his pride and offer mike a Job
or find someone he can work with

Does the Spec article indicate the Marshall signing is a sure thing? Other reports suggest the contract has not been formally or officially signed/returned.

I hope the Argo head coaching position now up for grabs doesn't throw a monkey wrench into the Marshall as TiCat's DC deal. Hate to have the deal go south at this point.


Well, it looks like Kenny P got thrown a bone again. Welcome back from your slumber.

hello everone, nothing like some good news to bring in the new year for the cats. although i had mentioned back in dec. that i really believed marshall was coming at that point, i was sure that harris was coming with him, oh well, looks like kropke stays-good because he's just as good. is haywood far behind?
as far as mccarthy goes, let me take you back about 12-13 years when mike was running the lions in 1996, one of the guys mike let go while in charge was obie, so i guess you could say obie has a good memory to not forget something like that and it kind of adds some truth to the old "what goes 'round, comes 'round"- just my thoughts on why mike was let go in the first place and why bob will not be rushing down to the car dealership where mike works to get him out of there.

city legend

Good points city legend. Also, you can't really say that our organization was spitting out lots of import talent the last few years that Mike was here. Good guy, and I'm sure he has lots of contacts, but lets not act like he's Bill Parcells