ticats hire final coach!

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=263323&lid=sublink04&lpos=headlines_main]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=263323& ... lines_main[/url]

Brad Miller has been given the title of Defensive Assistant

Don Matthews brought Brad Miller in to Toronto
as a linebacker coach in October last year.

When he coached in Montreal (2006-07)

he was their D-line coach, with specific focus on the DE's,

and eventually was given the title of Assistant Head Coach.

I like the hire.

He has a solid background working in the CFL for 8 or 9 years.

I concur, Ron. I hope that the staff can mesh with the developing core of players the club has and we can finally see some stability and a playoff push in a reasonable timeframe -- like this July LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I guess Miller isnt buying the "07 was all Bellfool's fault" theory either.

Very average journeyman position coach. Lives in the States. Fills a hole.

I think this is a very good hire. I’m very happy to see we have someone with his experience. He’s worked with some pretty good defences in the CFL. If Marcel and Greg feel he’s a good fit with them, I’m delighted.

Welcome to Hamilton, Coach Miller!

Nice to see the Ticats hire another experienced CFL coach to fill out their staff. One would gather that Brad Miller's job as defensive assistant will include replacing Chip Garber as defensive backs coach. Surprisingly, despite his considerable CFL experience, his bio does not indicate that he has ever actually been a defensive backs coach in the CFL. However, he is undoubtedly familiar with the position having played defensive back at Oregon State and having been a former CFL linebacker coach and defensive coordinator. In fact, he will also be able to help with the other defensive units when needed. A good signing overall.


Who is the Offensive Line Coach ?

It appears that Mike Gibson will see double duty as Ticat offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. He was assistant head coach and offensive line coach of the Riders in 2007 and 2008.

Sounds like a solid coaching staff .I want them to be able to make the adjustments at halftime that have been missing for soooo long .

 The offence came along and with the same coach and an offensive coach at that , I think continuity will be an asset . 

i still say that it doesnt matter who your DC is , if you have no pass rush it wont matter who the coach is .

What the Cats need coach-wise more than anything right now are guys that can work well with lots of youth. Some coaches just don't teach the basics very well. This crew of coaches main task in 09 IMHO is to get the youth on track and get the vets to help more. There is too much youth to do otherwise. There is plenty of young talent.. we all know that.

Looks like the Cats are actually getting viable candidates this season so thats great. In 08 at least they seemed to just get some scraps like Creehan.

You know/knew absolutely nothing about him other than what his bio provides.
Of course, had he stayed he'd be yet another great Popp hire. Now that he's left he's "average". :roll:

Obviously he has confidence in MB to work for him and that confidence started when they worked together in MTL.

I was replying to a thread where the poster was infering that he took the job because he thinks Marcel was not responsible for the debacle in Montreal in 2007. I don't think badly about Miller. I was just pointing out that he is an average position coach who elects tolive in the states and in 9 years moving around the CFL has never graduated to a coordinator position or seriously been considered for a HC position. Dosen't make him a bad hire but it dosen't make a statement as to the quality of Bellefeuille or anything that happened in Montreal. It just means he was looking for a job.

Well he dose lack experience.. we know that ..
But experience is the not only thing that make a good coach
How will he mesh with players.
How dose he prepare for games and practices ect.

What is his Coaching style ... is he a hard ass or more of a players coach

I won't it bad hire I don't know ... But I am hoping for the best .

I can't seeing it being a BAD hire because Bellefeuille's worked with him, so he knows exactly what he is going to get and probably has ideas about how he will "fit". He didn't do anything exceptional in Montreal but Kashama had his best year while Miller was in Montreal. I'm not sure if Miller was his position coach but he may have been. Overall the Ticats are in a much better situation coaching wise going in to 2009 then they were last year or 2007. Now the organisation has to provide their staff with quality and more importantly experience at certain position and the Ticats could be competitive.

Half time adjustments???? What's that??????

“and the Ticats could be competitive.” Thanks a lot, I just fell off my chair when I read that. Sure hope it’s finally true. Just the fact that these quality coaches want to be in Hamilton speaks volumes. Quite different story in TO sadly.

Well there can be no excuses. The Owner is picking up the bills, he picked his president picked his GM, who picked his HC, who picked his assistants. five consecutive years of 1st draft picks. The most expensive QB and RB in the league and Winnipeg and Toronto are a mess. If they can't show a winning record at home and a .500 record ...then someone didn't do what they were supposed to do.

8) How right you are "HfxTC" !!!! There are no excuses left for not making the playoffs this year !!!

A lot of things have to jell together before we gain, but maybe we just made some progress with these new coaches. Now we need to add to our player talent. :thup: