Anyone know if Markieth , Bo Smith , Hage , Chevon and Bkari Grant ?

Any news on how Terry Grant is recovering ?

According to the depth chart from the last game, all of the players you listed, except for Terry Grant are on the one game list. Terry is on the 9 game injury list. So, he could be available after the Labour Day game. We hope.

I could not find any updated injury information on Terry Grant, other than what was posted earlier on Drew`s Scratching Post.

I hope that helps....

I would highly doubt we'll see Terry Grant this season. From what I understand, his rehab hit a snag a few weeks ago. When I saw him at training camp, I personally thought there's no way he'll be ready this season. Obvious limp while just walking. My feeling is mgt is extending his 9 game so that he can get paid & they retain his rights & if he can overcome the injury, he can be part of 2013 plans. Same can be said for Martel Mallett this year.

Wouldn't expect to see Markeith back for Labour Day.

Chevy says he's ready on twitter. Who knows though. Isn't his decision if he dresses and I doubt Cortez has twitter.

Bhakari has a broken hand. Not good for a receiver.

Not sure about Hage or Smith and aren't too concerned. Feel they're better without them.

Bakhari said he was hopeful to play on Labour Day. I really hope Markeith is back soon, we need him badly, not only to play his position but to get Carlos Thomas back in his position as well.

I agree that we need MARKIETH back desperately with his experience and big play ability and he is great at causing fumbles ...
Carlos can then move back to his original spot and Dee Webb back to his spot ....

Bkari Grant has been missed ...and we could use him back ..he is also excellent on special teams

I would like them use both running backs for one game

Tweet from the practice @ Waterloo says Walker and Hage are both participating.