TiCats Have the Top Two Rated Passers in the CFL

This would be a good trivia question. Answer - Jones and Fantuz

We have one top passer, and that's Henry Burris.

I think you mean we have two top rated recievers.

No, top "rated" assets, based on standard QB rating method.

Jones - 539.6
Fantuz - 460.4

I'm thinking Jones's rating is higher because he has more total pass yardage than Fantuz. Right?


What is the formula used in the CFL? It doesn't seem to match the one used by the NFL, which has a maximum of 158.3, or the one used by the NCAA, which gives a higher rating than the ones posted on the CFL stats site. (The TSN site used the NFL rating formula.)

I'm old but not addled. The key word was "Passers". Trivia questions should be challenging not obvious.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)


Stupid autocorrect. Although, they are pretty good assets as well. :smiley: