Ticats have scrap at practice

Make of this what you will:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/08/01/ticats-big-scrap-practice/]http://3downnation.com/2017/08/01/ticat ... -practice/[/url]

I think this is GREAT...shows there is still passion and they they are still in it...also tells me that Austin hasn't "lost the room: because when the coach is tuned out, there is no passion about the job...

Fantastic ...hopefully it's an outbreak epidemic of cojones. :cowboy:

Could mean there is still fight in them

Could mean there is a huge division in the locker room

Let's go with the first one. The guys on D couldn't really think that the guys on O are the ones responsible for the team's moniker (Owen Five). Or, equally, vice-versa. Now, if it was scrap started by Sergio ...... :roll:

Could mean it's a football team with a large number of competitors, who do the same thing.

Could mean they're a close group, like brothers, who do the same thing.

Could be that they are team mates, like hockey players and baseball players, who do the same thing.

I think the D wants Masoli in so bad they went after Collaros in an attempt to take him out...

Of course I'm being sarcastic but i figured id get it in before someone seriously wrote it.

Zach is fine, just needs to work it out. A few more games to get his confidence. I heard he threw a ball at Teddy's head from close range today but missed him. That's what started the brawl. Both sides were pissed at that!

Unfortunately for the Ticats, Collaros is missing almost everyone he throws at... not just Teddy.

That would pretty much add up to half a season, for the league's highest paid player, to get his confidence back! Where did his confidence go? What caused it to disappear? Was it that easily intercepted pass, with 90 sec. left and the Eastern Semi-Final score tied? Despite that season-ending play, I think he performed better in the 3 games he started last fall, compared to this year.

I don't think it is a total confidence issue with Zach. It is a guy who has taken a lot of big hits over the past few years due to an extremely poor o-line. He is playing scared back there and you can see it with how he won't settle his feet. Add in he is throwing to maybe the worst bunch of receivers in the CFL. Poor and predictable play calling isn't helping his cause at all either. I also don't think our o-line is athletic enough to properly block for him to roll and lack of running game has totally taken out the play action.

Heard speedy kicked ass! :rockin: he is small but knows Judo :cry: :lol: